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Ascention, what does it mean?


This is a topic I've really been focused on recently.  Like many, I'm sensing it's time to get focused.  Are you feeling some kind of urgency to do something? 


I love the idea of ascention, of being able to take our bodies with us and going wherever we desire.  Is that what Gaia is doing now?  Are we expereincing that as well?  When will all of this come forward? 


Why is there so much turmoil right now?  Many are so angry and are choosing sides.  Are we being played?  Have we forgotten our purpose for being here. 


This show is taken from many different sources, Ramtha, Masters Of The Far East, Golden Age Of Gaia, Metatron and more.  There are so many sources out there that it can be confusing, I've taken from many to see if this makes some sense.  Listen with your own discernment and feel free to contact me with your thoughts.


This is an interesting website:



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