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Kind of a dumb question, things are always changing, aren't they?  What if you woke up tomorrow and your world completely changed, how would you react?  What if you found out that some of your great truths were a bunch of lies, how would that effect you?  Would you crumble?  I don't think you would.  We are adaptive beings.  What if you found out religion wasn't what you thought it was?  What if you found out that we are being visited by beings from worlds and dimensions?  Most of you who read this probably are pretty open anyway so it's not a big deal.  But for many it would be, wouldn't it? 


So this week I talk about "the Plan" that some claim is moving forward as expected and that we are real close to massive changes, massive arrests, massive truth coming forward.  Do you believe we've been visited for a long time?  Well part of this plan is to disclose that contact that many claim our government's are well aware of.  Some witnesses have come forward saying our government made an agreement with some of the visiters dating back to Roswell.  They gave us technology in return we allowed them to take our people, although we really couldn't stop them if we tried.  That is just one race visiting us, there are many.


I think all of us would be excited for positive changes, well, except for those who wish to continue to keep things the way they are.  And many might be afraid because their teachings have told them that it's part of a judgement day, or whatever, and anything that isn't what they tell you is not of God.  So they keep us in fear.  When in truth I believe there are beings that are physical and non physical that have been working from a higher vibration and love to move us forward gradually so that Earth becomes a place that it was intended to be, a heaven on Earth.  A place where God will no longer be a mystery, where we will be able to use our brains to full capacity to transmit and to receive higher thought, aplace where there will be no limitations.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

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