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 earthdie.jpgAre recent events across the planet trying to tell us something?  Are we going to be facing more catastrophic events like Japan?  How bad will it get?  Should I be concerned?  What should I do?  Who can I trust?

We may or may not be heading into more turbulent times.  It sure seems that way, but on the other hand it could be part of the planet's natural changes.  What can we do to prepare, just in case?  More food?  More water stored away?  Build a bunker?  I'm sure you could do all of those things but what I'm really getting at is our own inner peace.  If we are heading into a time of chaos wouldn't it be nice to have some answers from within?  My guest this week may be able to help you with finding those answers.  Hillary Raimo started gaining knowledge of who she was at 5 years old.  What were you doing at that age?  I was still playing with my Red Rider wagon.  She has developed many of her inner skills and has become a voice for healing and self empowerment.  Imagine facing a difficult choice but remaining calm because you know and trust who you are and your own self empowerment. 


Hillary_with_Apache_Moon_800x531.jpgHillary Raimo, renowned expert on Multi-dimensional Healing. An Internationally known Clairvoyant, Hillary specializes in communicating how the healing process frees consciousness from the 3D of physical reality and enables the energy body to transcend time and space.

Her work mixes astrology, world events, ancient cultures, sacred sites, the paranormal, and esoteric systems into a unique tapestry of intuitive insight. Her writing focuses on combining intuition and self-empowerment, to see through the current paradigms of health and well being. Hillary focuses on researching and bringing awareness to multi-dimensional living.  As a writer, Hillary has published Money Matters for Mind Body and Spirit .  On top of that HIllary hosts her own internet talkshow that brings in guests from all over the world.  These shows deal with what many believe is going on in the world right now.  Hillary is no different than any of the many other healers I have talked to on my show, they all have their own way of going about helping others.  She is extremely knowledgeable.

This show is not meant to frighten or create unessessary hype, instead offer you choices so you don't feel helpless.  There was a time when I would have felt that way, now I don't worry a whole lot.  Why?  Well, when you're own father comes back to you some 12 years after he passed from a confused life, you realize that all life goes on and finds its way.  You understand that what awaits all us on the other side is unconditional love.  The question is, when do you want to connect with it, now, or later?  Tying into what was said with Georgie Holbrook, how do you want to use the law of attaction?  Hillary provides us with knowledge, and knowledge is power.

For more Hillary go to her website at:  WWW.HILLARYRAIMO.COM 

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