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Being-of-Light-210x300.jpgThis week my soul sister Joy Regina Melchezidek joins me and we talk to Annie Kaufman.  Annie is a very gifted psychic but is also a Walk In.  No, not a closet.  She believes she walked into another person's body.  Does that sound weird or creepy?  To be honest when I first heard of Walk Ins it scared me a bit.  Now, it seems to be something natural.  On occasion some souls don't wish to finish the rest of their life in their physical body and they want to leave before the process has finished.  This in turn creates an opening for other spirits to come in and finish with the body until  it's demise.  Now why would we do that?  From what I've been told, there are many just waiting for a chance to experience life in a body.  "But what happens to the ones who leave?"  Beats me.  I believe many will go back to what some term the fourth level to be with loved ones (like when you pass) and eventually plan their next life.  And where did the soul come from that entered the body?  Probably the same place.  But they never "push" another out of the body so they can take over, it is all done by agreement.  Don't believe everything on tv or in the movies.  Matter of fact, believe very little that you get from those sources.  Just my opinion.

Because many of us believe that there is an accelerated spiritual evolution and revolution, Walk Ins are coming in at a very heightened state.  And it seems to be increasing.  Some are aware they are Walk Ins and some aren't, we talk about signs that you can tell if you are Walk In.  Most will remember the events of the body that took place before they arrived.  Some Walk Ins will come in and move forward peacefully and some will face chaos.  Does this freak you out?  It is nothing to be fearful of, it is not a possesion.  Our guest this week is an amazing woman and proof of my previous statements.  For more on Annie go to:'


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