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Angelic Encounters


This week I take a break and run Debby's show: Angelic Encounters.  This show deals with suicide and abuse, something that I think most families deal with.  And while those are subjects that are downers, the show is not a downer.  It all got started quite a while back when Debby was telling me that she was getting contact from the other side by some who had committed suicide.  They wanted to get their story out, perhaps help others heal and understand why.  Okay.  Why not talk about that, we seem to avoid that subject in our society.  And why not hear what those who actually did it have to say?  (if that is indeed possible)  Also, Reverend Debby opens up about some abuses she's faced in her life, physical and verbal.  Someone once said, "Don't we all face some sort of abuse, how we choose to respond is what matters."  And that's what this show is about.  Forgiving and showing compassion.  Can we forgive those who seemed selfish and took their lives?  Do they go on?  Is there something we can gain from this tragedy?  Also, can we forgive our abusers?   Is it possible they taught us a valuable lesson?

This show is not to make light for those who have suffered, for I do not know of their experience.  It is done out of compassion and love, as is always the case when working with Reverend Debby.  As I've stated before, with Debby you get the real person, she doesn't hold back.  I look at all of these indivuals in the spotlight and how they wish to be percieved and I think, "Why don't you just be yourself." 


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