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New-DVD-Cover1-258x360.jpgWhat, if anything, is going on with the planet?  Is it global warming? It certainly appears that the planet is going through some kind of physical change.  Is it also a spiritual change?  Are we also being given an opportunity to go through that change as well?

To be honest I am not one hundred percent sure of what I believe anymore, I've heard so many different opinions.  I can only go by what my heart seems to be telling me.  My heart is telling me that we are witnessing a rapid change to the planet and it's not global warming, it's something else.  My heart is telling me that I should prepare.  Prepare for what?  I have also noticed that there are great changes going on within the hearts and minds of others.  Ideas that would have never seen the light of day are now being considered, many seem to be searching for answers because the old paradigm doesn't seem to serve them.  This week I welcome back Jack Allis who has been on my show a few times.  Jack has studied ancient indigenous prophecies  and feels that they were trying to let us know that there would come a time when there would be great change.  Well, there's always change, so what's the big deal?  Let's just say that maybe there was a time when we were more enlightened and advanced than we are now.  Possible?  What if we've been asleep at the wheel for a long time and here may be an opportunity to snap out of it.  What happens if we go over the cliff?  Well, in my viewpoint, it's not a big deal since I believe we all go on regardless.  However, what if many of us have chosen this time to help bring forth a change.  A change in conciousness.  What if that change was aligned with the Earth so we could all evolve together?  What if our ancient brothers and sisters have been trying in many different cultures to tell us the same thing?  Perhaps the truth has been kept from us deliberately for control purposes.  Sound a bit nutty?  Perhaps it is. 

Jack Allis felt the urge to move from his home near Milwaukee Wisconsin to Mount Shasta California.  He felt the urge, like so many, to become self sustainable.  Since the last time we talked I see a beeming being who is truly living his word.  Regardless of whether you agree with Jack or not, I am always going to listen to someone who walks their walk.  I also like the fact that Jack puts it back on you, you are the one with the answers.  Too many at this time are trying to create followings and not empower others, we are not helpless beings.  This week I welcome Jack Allis to the show.


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