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Keith Beauchamp joins me this week to share some stories, some knocked me for a loop.  We all hear things, unless you've lived in a certain area you really don't know, even then you still may not know what's truly going on.  Keith spent most of his life in Tucson Arizona, he only recently moved to upper Michigan.  He claims he did it to get his family away from a very negative situation, somethng he feels that could effect us all.  One of his stories reminded me of another story I heard from a friend who was vacationing outside of the country.  If there's any truth in human trafficking, then maybe we need to be very careful wherever we go, even in the United States.  I don't wish to alarm anyone, my shows are never meant to create fear, or to create division, or to cast judgement.  I just found what Keith had to say to be something that needed to be heard.  With all of that said, Keith also shares some strange paranormal things that he's encountered while in the desert, I've heard from many that the desert seems to be a beacon for paranormal activity.  Strange lights, ufo's, spirits, why is that? 


While we do cover some serious topics in the beginning of this interview, both of us agree that the world is changing for the better.  I will probably never do a show about this topic again, because I truly feel whatever we focus on we get more of, and yet I felt it needed to be heard.  I feel it's good to be aware of some other potential truths but in the end return to love and focus on that.  As my friend John would say, "Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest." 

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