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1990belgium.jpgWhere does the truth lie?  I guess it all depends on who you believe.  Do extraterrestials exist?  Have they been visiting us for quite some time?  What is their agenda?  Is it dark and devious as many would have us believe?  Are there those who are actually trying to help us is some way?  Right now I see a split in ufo research and alien interaction, I see many who are claiming that we are being visited and the visitors don't have our best intertest in mind.  Somewhere along the way many have taken a different tone with our "Grey" visitors.   Part of me thinks that their true agenda has been revealed, or is it more propaganda? 

_mg_3655-102.jpgI can only go by experiences, my own in 1992, a couple from Escanaba Michigan and my guest this week Jim Maroney.  In 1987 Jim had an incredible incident with what is known as the Greys at a truckstop near Winnepeg Canada.  It changed his life forever.  Jim is the author of 3 books, “UFO's and Aliens - Is There Anyone Out There" and "The Extraterrestrial Answer Book" and "The New Bridge” and manages the Alberta UFO Website.  I believe we are being deceived by some races however I am not so sure about this particular race.  Why?  As I got to talk more in detail to Jim this week I began to see a familiar pattern, regarding spiritual growth.  I did an interview a while back with Roslyn McGrath and we channeled Alien Energies, particularly the Greys, and their message was love, seems pretty hard to believe if they're taking us in the middle in the night.  Many have done research and many have written books regarding abductions, to be honest I don't know how it can be all excused away so easily.  Many in this current age seem to be writing books about the Greys as a dark energy.  I don't feel that way but perhaps I am wrong, or maybe there is another explanation.  

My guest feels that this particular group is here to try to help us from destroying the world or ourselves.  These beings believe we need to become more spritually aware.  By becoming more aware we will repect our technology and the planet.  I have to say that makes a lot of sense to me.  Please welcome a really cool Canadien, Jim Maroney.


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