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header31.jpgHow's that paradigm shift holding up for you?  Does everything still fit into a neat little box?  Are you experiencing the shift and your world doesn't make sense anymore?  In 2008 I interviewed Judy Johnson who was representing the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society.  They are a group of archeologists who have uncovered some artifacts that just don't fit in with the mainstream way of thinking.  There are very obvious signs that North America was visited thousands of years before Columbus.  Now, try to challenge conventional thinking, they will laugh at you or make fun of you and even try to put out disinformation to dissuade the public from believing you.  Does this sound like a familiar formula regarding all things that we are not supposed to look at?  How much longer are you going to continue to believe what you're told without at the very least looking at what others have to say and then making a decision?  It's funny, because I haven't listened to this show in a long time, here Judy is talking about the future (2012) as being the beginning as opposed to the end.  How accurate she was.  This really isn't about rocks, or stones, or points, or iron ore, to me it's more about discovering who we really are.  How long have we truly been here?  How much of that history has been forgotten or deliberately covered up? 


The following is a rebroadcast with Judy Johnson from the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society.  In this interview we were promoting their 4th conference that was going to be held in Marquette.  This year they will be holding their 11th conference at Island Resort in Wilson Michigan in October.  Hopefully between now and then I get a more updated interview, sorry I've been a bit busy and think of this as a best of episode.  Judy has much to offer beyond just talking about rocks and spearheads. 

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