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In Revelations they talk about a new Heaven and Earth.  My co-worker came into my studio and starting talking about this and how he couldn't understand it from his Catholic teachings.  He listened to my metaphysical explanation of the new 3d Earth and the new 5d Earth, one could see that as a new Heaven and Earth.  One could see the Rapture as people ascending to the 5th dimension.  So this week I wish to bring hope, we are so torn, seems like the world is falling apart.  Very few are trying to see both sides in all aspects.  So I had some things revealed to me that I've been holding onto that are political and I never released them because I have no desire to create more division.  So, this often leads many of us to not speak of what we know of.  I can say this, 2 psychic friends of mine had the same vision.  I had a thought pop into my head, where did that come from?  Where do all thoughts come from?  If you are really wrapped up supporting one side or the other then perhaps this show is not for you.  I am neither and yet I see good things and not so good things from both parties.  This isn't about politics, it's about vision, accountibility for all of us, and what the future may hold.  My vision holds a very good place for this planet regardless of whether we ascend or not.  Also, I will miss James Tyberron who chose to leave recently.  Everything I say in this show could be wrong, I'm not married to the ideas I present. 

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