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Lindbergh.jpgHe was an American hero.  The first to cross the Atlantic solo and could  have died trying.  Yet, luck was on his side.  He was Lucky Lindy, and back then, everyone loved him!  Fast forward a few years to 1932 when his son was kidnapped, the nation watched in angst as the young couple eventually found their son murdered.  Or was he?  I remember seeing news reels and old footage of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and to be honest with you it seemed to be missing something at the time.  I don't know what it was, but it just didn't add up. 

You ever see that show on Sci Fi channel?  What is it called?  About this town where weird things happen?  I'm beginning to think Escanaba Michigan might be like that.  About ten years ago a friend of mine and I were talking about strange things and he mentioned that there was a guy who used to live in Escanaba and believed he was the Lindbergh baby.  What?  You've got to be kidding!  You're loony!!  But, as time would have it, recently I met a woman who was very close to Harold Olson, a man who claimed to be the Lindbergh baby.  How can that be, they found the baby dead?  Or was it the Lindbergh baby?  Hmmm.  This week a woman by the name of Anita shares what she has known most of her life, that a man known as Harold Olson was not who he thought he was.  This story leads on a journey of self exploration as Harold finds out in 1952 that his father is one of two well known figures.  This in turn leads Harold to find proof as to who he really is.  See for yourself, there are some strange coincidences and occurances.  This is part one of two.


This much I know about history: we have been lied to about many things.  History is painted by those who win the wars, someone once said.  I believe that.  And while I'm not sure what to make of this story I keep an open mind.  Who knows?  My guest this week was very reluctant to share this story, but felt she had to do it for Harold.  In the end Harold didn't prove that he was officially the Lindbergh baby, but unofficially, well that's another story!

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