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Ever wonder what we've missed in our history?  How many incidents have been lost in the sands of time?  Perhaps some have been ignored or covered up?  The mining of copper in over 6000 years ago in the U.S from the Celts in Europe.  The arrival of the Vikings and the Knights Templar way before Columbus.  The ancient tribes and their connection to the Star People. 


Apparently the only ufo incident that ever happened was Roswell, yet there were many, some with much more eye witness evidence than Roswell.  Joining me this week are Frank Feschino and Dr. Phillip Delong.  Frank has spent a good part of his life investigating the Flatwoods Monster incident, there is more evidence on this incident than any other ufo story, yet it is ignored by the media. 


In 1952 a ufo made an emergency landing in Flatwoods West Virginia, Frank was able to track down many of the civilian and military eye witnesses while they were still alive and put the pieces together on what truly happened back in September of 1952.  Dr. Phil Delong is a gifted psychic/medium/healer who shares his insight.  I love talking to these guys, both good friends with each other, both from Florida.  Frank covers the factual side, Phil covers the metaphysical side of this story.






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