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alienfem.gifThis month marks the 3rd year I've been doing shows.  I've now done almost 135 shows, although some have been repeats.  When I first started doing this it was just for fun, as I got to talk to more people I noticed a pattern with some of my guests- their stories were eerily similar.  Especially the abductions stories.  One of my first interviews was with a couple named Mark and Jenny, really, really down to earth people who I found very humble.  Perhaps it is just me but it seems that people with a humble approach in life are the ones who experience the paranormal a bit more than the rest.  Are they more open minded?  Perhaps, although that isn't always a factor.  I think it's their simple take on life that seems to attract the unknown.  Have you ever noticed that as well?  My theory is that when you remove ego the truth seems to come forward.  I've also noticed that some who are in complete turmoil seem to experience these kinds of things, does that have something to do with their life being in turmoil?  Again, I don't know.  I know some people who I believe it certainly may be the cause of their turmoil and there are others who I believe just lead a chaotic life.  Mark and Jenny are not it chaos, that I know of, but they are humble people who I believe that are leading simple lives.  They strike me as the type of people who only wish to be themselves, their true humble self.  I like that, I am drawn to that.  Are you?

This show is a repeat and I edited it down by some 5 minutes.  When I first started doing shows I used to do 2 breaks, now I only do one.  I find it good to take a break so I can collect my thoughts and make sure my guest is comfortable.  Plus back then I was a bit of a clown (I still am) so I did some goofy spots in between my segments, I'm guessing they weren't beneficial to the show, so I've dropped that.  I don't horse around as much, I figure if you're listening you want to hear the story and not the clown who's hosting the show.  Needless to say, I think I've grown in that respect. 

These two people have an amazing story to tell and I find it fits in with my next upcoming show with David Twitchell.  Jenny talks about being taken in the middle of the night and it was actually quite a pleasant experience, her story is quite similar to Jim Maroney's experience in 1987.  What I've noticed lately in the emails I get is that there are some who are trying to make it seem as though that all of  these experiences are bad, my own interaction (along with my guests) tells me otherwise.  There seems to be a battle going on within MUFON and there is so much negativity involving the debunkers and those trying to defend themselves.  I guess my goal over the next two weeks is to take a look at what I think is really going on in the ufo/anti ufo community, and what may be going on with certain kinds of abductions.  This week is a rebroadcast of Mark and Jenny's remarkable experiences with spirits and ufo's and at the time I didn't know what to think.  Now it seems to fall in line with what others have told me.

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