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This show might even confuse me if I didn't know it so well.  35 years ago I moved back to Upper Michigan.  Within a year there was a woman who got hired as our receptionist and she told me how her husbands plane disappeared in the early 80's and what amazed me is that she thought he was still alive.  At the time I really hadn't begun my journey into paranormal, or talking to people and listening to their many fascinating stories, I just didn't have a great interest in that.  Ironically a few years later I found myself very interested and wanting to speak to anyone and everyone who had something to share.  What changed?  I don't know, something just flipped a switch, maybe it was this story I heard about 34 years ago and then found some things that seemed suggest a possible answer to the mystery.  Funny what gets us started.  Funny, how over time, the people we meet who are connected to things, it's like they show up to get us thinking again.  Just the other day a man was in my studio and brought this up and I had to think back and I realized I knew what he was talking about.  He was of the belief that the aircraft may have been taken by a UFO.  Now where did that thought come from?  And what made him tell me this? 


This led me to speculate on some other events that have taken place and how it may be connected.  Will there come a day when all of these mysteries will be solved?  I think so, I feel we are moving in a direction to become more aware and some say disclosure could not be far down the road.  In this show I also talk about Gord Heath and his remarkable story which still echoes in my mind.  The Kinross incident.  Is it all connected?  Hmm...

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