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June 30th, 2018

I'm pretty sure some of you are tuning in and thinking that some of this stuff is a bit "out there", and I've done the same when someone told me something that just seemed so unbelievable.  But I think if we stay open it stretches us and maybe down the road, when we're ready, we hear it again from another source and we now see it as being possible.


So in my own mind it all makes sense, much of this I learned over 30 years ago and I always kept it in the back of my mind not knowing there would come a day when it all might make sense.  I've always been interested in others stories and experiences, I became a story collector at least 30 years ago, not knowing why, just knowing I was interested and it felt right.  It was a long journey, at times frustrating because before the internet and cell phones things were a bit more difficult.  I didn't even know why I was doing it and then it all became clear and I could see how my life took different turns to lead me where I am today.  So this week's show is about how I came to believe what I do.  How did each of our beliefs get formed?  Do you feel rigid in your beliefs or do you find that they are shifting?  Can you connect the dots to see how they lined up to put you where you are today?


June 20th, 2018

I've been going to this site for the last couple of years and reading many of the articles, on occasion watching videos or listening to audio.  What I like is that there are many different channels and mediums speaking on the site and quite often the topic is Ascention.  Often galactic beings are being chanelled, sometimes the Divine Mother, Mathew Ward, Jesus, St. Germain, Archangel Michael and many others.  So much of this rings true to me because of my own experiences and what I've been hearing for most of my adult years.  Many of my friends who are mediums/channels are saying the same thing.  So a few weeks ago I emailed the website and I got a reponse from Steve Beckow who was more than gracious.  Before we could even talk Steve asked me to tell him about myself.  Then he gave me a generous gift. 


From what I can tell he is a very geniune gentle soul who truly believes we are ascending into another dimension, as do I.  He believes there will be a day of disclosure, a day when there will be a Reval- when the wealth of the planet will be redistributed.  I believe that as well, I just don't know when.  It gives me great joy to speak with Steve Beckow on this week's show. 


The website has been around since 2009, lots of great articles to read.




June 15th, 2018

This week Joy Melchezidek joins me from Pennsylvania and we talk to Bob Warner and Noel Marshall.  Imagine dropping what you were doing and selling off your home and getting an RV and going where you felt compelled to go.  Noel was guided by spirit and it lead both her and Bob on some incredible journeys.


What I've noticed with a lot of people is that they feel they are here to make a difference and many are unsure what their journey is but they know it is to serve in some way because of current and coming changes, changes which will eventually be for the better.  All I can say is follow your heart, the journey is different for each of us.  Just being in a state of love and grace makes a difference.






June 8th, 2018


If you saw that hail storm I witnessed a couple weeks ago you might think that something is really wrong with the planet.  It would be easy to step into fear.  Last Monday I was grocery shopping at a local store and the check out woman and bagger were having a conversation about the recent volcanic activity on Earth.  The woman stated "It's the end of times."  The man who was bagging said he didn't agree.  The woman said "Well I'm a Christian."  The man said, "So am I."  She walked away, I don't know if she was upset or not.  The man told me that his mother was convinced 9/11 was the end of times.  He had to convince her not to be afraid.  I told him "good for you" for not giving into fear. 


A couple of things I take away from this conversation, one I'm glad I got to witness and see both sides.  At the time I totally agreed with the man but after thinking it over I realized the woman was telling the truth.  These are the end of times, the old times, the old cycle and now we're moving into new times, great changes, great awakening.  We can move forward corageously or we can let fear control and limit us.  Many years ago I would have been frightened but that is no longer the case.  I truly feel this is part of a bigger plan that has been set in motion.  I only feel this way because I've done my homework and listened openly to many different perspectives and well as having my own experiences.


This is a short show, next week I welcome my dear friend Joy.  In a couple weeks I welcome Steve Beckow from The Golden Age Of Gaia. 


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