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If you saw that hail storm I witnessed a couple weeks ago you might think that something is really wrong with the planet.  It would be easy to step into fear.  Last Monday I was grocery shopping at a local store and the check out woman and bagger were having a conversation about the recent volcanic activity on Earth.  The woman stated "It's the end of times."  The man who was bagging said he didn't agree.  The woman said "Well I'm a Christian."  The man said, "So am I."  She walked away, I don't know if she was upset or not.  The man told me that his mother was convinced 9/11 was the end of times.  He had to convince her not to be afraid.  I told him "good for you" for not giving into fear. 


A couple of things I take away from this conversation, one I'm glad I got to witness and see both sides.  At the time I totally agreed with the man but after thinking it over I realized the woman was telling the truth.  These are the end of times, the old times, the old cycle and now we're moving into new times, great changes, great awakening.  We can move forward corageously or we can let fear control and limit us.  Many years ago I would have been frightened but that is no longer the case.  I truly feel this is part of a bigger plan that has been set in motion.  I only feel this way because I've done my homework and listened openly to many different perspectives and well as having my own experiences.


This is a short show, next week I welcome my dear friend Joy.  In a couple weeks I welcome Steve Beckow from The Golden Age Of Gaia. 

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