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May 17th, 2018





Joining me this week are Frank Feschino (top left) and Dr. Phil Delong, or Shiek Delong as he appears in that top row.  A few weeks ago I was watching Mysteries At the Museum on the Travel Channel and they were talking about the Flatwoods Monster.  I was intrigued seeing that a few years ago they covered the Kinross Incident and left it as unsolved and possibly connected to a ufo.  That wasn't the case this time, they portrayed the Flatwoods Monster incident of 1952 as a meteor and when 3 kids went to investigate they were scared away by an owl which they thought was an alien.  I wonder how many people watched that and just accepted what they were told as fact, that's how they cover things up and none of us usually check on the actual eye witness accounts.  If you wait long enough the witnesses die off and then no one knows for sure, do they?


When I first heard Frank Feschino's story about the Flatwoods Monster I didn't know what to think, but the more I listened to all of the evidence that Frank dug up with over 25 years of research, talking to all of the witnesses before they passed, I had no doubt that much more happened than the official account.  So this week we're going to compare what Mysteries At The Museum has to say compared to what Frank has dug up.  Like I've said before, Frank has done the most extensive research of any ufo incident in our present time.


Dr. Phil Delong recently went to Egypt and was kind enough to allow me to post some of the many pictures that were taken.  Dr. Phil tells us about his journey but more importantly what he felt and experienced while being there.  Dr. Phil is a gifted psychic/medium/channel/healer who had some mind blowing experiences while being there.  We talk about the pyramids, why were they built?  Who really built them?  Were we being visited back then by other beings?  Some of this you may have heard on Ancient Aliens, but unlike those shows Dr. Phil brings his own unique perspective and incredible abilites to make the picture even more clear in my opinion.  This is a bit of a long show, sit back and enjoy.  Please check out their respective websites below.


Frank Feschino:




Reverend Dr. Phil Delong:






May 10th, 2018

Dr. Julie Gatza is a chiropractor out of Florida who, like many, believes a lot of our health issues can be corrected with natural products.  Dr. Gatza talks with me this week about the myth of how we think we are what we eat.  Basically what she's saying is that even if we eat nutricious food we may not be getting the full effect which in turn could be leading to a number of health issues.  Dr Gatza claims that even after our teen years our bodies enzymes start breaking down and maybe not working as effectiviely as they could  Dr. Gatza promotes a natural enzyme healing product that aids our body in breaking down foods and medicines.


Part of the problem is that our foods are not as healthy as they once were, and if we think by eating healthy we can cure the problem, well it doesn't do any good if we're not absorbing the nutrition.  Makes sense, maybe that's what some are dealing with.


I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Gatza, below is a you tube interview of her describing Parkinsons Disease and other potential options.  Like my last interview, I am pleased to see that there are many who are standing up and being heard on natural health options.






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