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August 24th, 2017


Often I get emails trying to promote authors or experts, while I appreciate the offers, sometimes I'm busy and I don't always read the email unless it jumps out at me.  I got an email from a guy named Tony and he had 6 or 7 authors that he wanted me to check out.  I looked through the list and what caught my eye was a book called You Are Worthier, A Guide To Improving Your Illness Or Injury On The Road To Recovery.  The author is Jeanette Kildevaeld from Denmark.  As I read more about Jeanette's story I was intrigued.  I was also excited to talk from someone from another country, I love hearing how they live and what their life is like.


Jeanette has a remarkable story to tell, how an accident changed her life for the better.  It got her to look within, and she will tell you that's where she found answers, and she says we all can do that too.  Not only is she a life coach, she appears to be a healer and a medium.  And while I have never met her before or even talked to her, so much of what she said rang true in my soul.  And it's just amazing how people from all over the world are speaking a very similar truth, a universal truth.  And when the two of us spoke, it's like we've known each other from another time.  I feel Jeanette is geniune and truly can help others.  Honestly, I didn't expect that the interview would be like this, I really didn't have any expectations, but I was so incredibly surprised by what she had to say and how it lifted me.  And while news media outlets will not report on this mass awakening, it's happening regardless, and it's just a matter of time before we see incredible changes on our planet.






August 19th, 2017


I've known Dr. Cass Ingram for 6 or 7 years, my first show was about Oil Of Oregano P73, a wild oregano that grows in the Mediterranean.  Because the conditions are just right it is the only place in the world where this incredibly healing product can be found.  After our first interview Dr. Ingram sent me a bottle and it sat in my medicine cabinet for about a year until one night my wife complained about shooting pain in her head.  I rubbed some on the side of her face and the virus was killed.  Poof!  Like magic.  Then when I'd start to  get a  cold it always would stop it dead in its tracks.  Oil of Oregano is the most powerful natural antiseptic that I know of.  It kills viruses without harming your body or the healthy bacteria your body needs.  Antibiotics kill those bacteria and that's why over time they are useless.  


Not long ago Dr. Cass got a tick bite that led to Lyme Disease.  He used Oil of Oregano to heal himself.  In this interview we talk about his journey to healing and many other things including vaccinations and the diseases that have sprung out from them.  I'm  not against vaccinations but I think there is definitely a connection between them and autism, adhd, cancer and other diseases.  When I was a child Lyme Disease didn't  exist, why has it become so prevalent?  Other diseases seem to be at epidemic levels, why is that?  Dr Ingram has some answers and while I admire that he is entertaining and has a good sense of humor I feel he has more knowledge than most and knows what he's talking about.  I trust what he says to be accurate because I've witnessed first hand how Oil Of Oregano P73 can be useful in dealing with many virus related issues.  


August 4th, 2017

The Planet Tram-K is approximately 40 light years from Earth, some say it supports alien life.  This week I will introduce you to one of it's inhabitants... pretty cool stuff!  Not really, Tram-K is K-Mart spelled backwards.  Although I have talked to others who claim they've met with beings from other places.  This weeks show is short, I talk about the passing of Jim Mars, my upcoming shows and Mary Jane.  Do things go better with MJ?  I think it may help some but anytime we use substances to alter perspective...well, we're doing just that, altering perspective.  Also, who the heck is copying my show in Spain, or is it Mexico, or South America?  Below is a link.




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