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April 26th, 2017


Seven years ago my guest had a life changing moment, now that could be different for each of us, couldn't it?  Maybe the next time you feel down about what you're going through give a listen to Joshua Brown's story and realize that perhaps nothing is impossible. 


When Josh was 25 years old he got into a major accident, one he probably shouldn't have survived.  It did leave him paralyzed and instead of defeating him it  has inspired him to walk again.  In turn he has inspired many others.  As Josh tells it, "I was looking for something that I felt would push me further."  Be careful of what you ask for.  Josh is a very connected to the planet, he loves being in nature and has spent a lot time gaining knowledge and wisdom about what Gaia has to offer.  One thing that did stand out in this interview was when Josh said, "Nature will provide for you, if you need to heal from something it will literally start growing in your yard."  No one else has said that to me but that makes perfect sense.  We are given what we need, all we have to do is ask. 


On May 15th, which is coincidently 7 years since Josh's accident, there will be a fundraiser in Marquette Michigan for Josh from 6-9pm at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.  Josh hopes to raise $38,000 to attend Project Walk in California, where they've had remarkable results.  Josh will walk again and we can help him and I think he will help many more in return.  Check out Walk The Earth Facebook page and see Josh's story.  You can also support him at the site and video below.




You can also make donations at a Go Fund Me site:



April 14th, 2017

In July it will be 70 years since the "alleged" ufo crash at Roswell New Mexico.  Obviously most of the witnesses have passed on by now, including Major Jesse Marcel who was one of the key witnesses in the recovery.  Do you believe there was a crash?  Do you believe they recovered bodies?  How many men and women at the base were witnesses and were forced to keep quiet? Some have tried to speak up, some did on their death bed.  Roswell is the most well known ufo related mystery.


In the early 1970's in Alpena Michigan, more than 1000 miles from Roswell, another mystery was unfolding.  A young boy named Art was giving a speech about ufo's when he was interupted by the new kid in the class.  In his speach Art was discussing how he felt that ufo's were real but none have ever crashed so he didn't believe there was any evidence.  The new kid, Mike Brown, spoke up and said, "that isn't true, there was a crash and they recovered bodies."  The class broke up in laughter.  Art  was a little upset and apparently had never heard of crashed ufo's.  After class Art confronted Mike as to why he would make such a statement and interupt his speech.  "Because it's true, just ask my dad."  Mike Brown's father apparently had some knowledge on this subject because he was once stationed at a base where they found wreckage and bodies.  At the time of this conversation, Mike never mentioned that it was Roswell New Mexico.   Art had never heard of Roswell, so he thought much of what Mike was saying was all made up.  Mike was a troubled child, something was not right with his home life, somthing was going on that was causing Mike to be stressed.  Art met Mike's family including two Brittish girls who were supposed to be his sisters.  Art met a man and woman who he thought were Mike's parents, although they never spoke to him.  Mike kept telling Art that his father would talk to him about the ufo crash, he never did, he didn't even shake his hand.  It wasn't long before Mike would move away and Art would eventually forget about the strange encounters he had with his new friend. 


In the 1980s Art came across some information on Roswell and started to wonder if that was what Mike was referring to.  In the 1990s, after Melvin Brown passed, his daughters were interviewed in Britain and spoke about their father being a cook in the military and being stationed in Roswell in 1947. The daughters revealed that their father had seen alien bodies and wreckage.  Art wondered if those were the same two women he met back in 1971.  He contacted them and they denied being the same girls he met in Alpena and claimed they never were in the states, they even denied they had a brother named Mike.  In 2015 Art finally tracked down Mike Brown and he denied everything as well. 


After hearing all of the evidence that Art has researched I believe he did meet the son of Melvin Brown, the same man who was a witness at Roswell.  I believe the two Brittish girls were the same ones he met in Alpena.  I can understand how ufo witnesses will clam up because they are often threatened but something else is going on here.  Art may never get the absolute truth but if anything I think he was fortunate to have met someone connected to Roswell, that's why I felt his story needed to be told.  Not so much about the Brown family but to prove that Roswell did exist and if we listen to our press, or government, they will over time tell us that none of this happened.  They have been covering this up for many years and I believe there will come a day when there will be disclosure, perhaps it will be sooner than later.


If you want to find out more about Melvin Brown, watch this video: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=melvin+brown+roswell&view=detail&mid=B1BF5B958A85F464D546B1BF5B958A85F464D546&FORM=VIRE




April 9th, 2017

A native friend once told me, "If you want to go speak to someone who has great wisdom, go talk to a rock, it's been around for thousands of years."  Funny how the native peoples in all lands seemed to understand that.  Is our Earth a living being, with a soul?  For many that may be hard to swallow, but many of us have come to accept this as truth, and yet it's been a truth accepted by many different groups for thousands of years. 

Roslyn McGrath joins me this week and we channel Gaia.  Is the Earth ascending?  What is to become of us?  Does Gaia have a message for us?  What can we do to prepare for coming changes?  Many thanks to my gifted friend Roslyn.  


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