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Seven years ago my guest had a life changing moment, now that could be different for each of us, couldn't it?  Maybe the next time you feel down about what you're going through give a listen to Joshua Brown's story and realize that perhaps nothing is impossible. 


When Josh was 25 years old he got into a major accident, one he probably shouldn't have survived.  It did leave him paralyzed and instead of defeating him it  has inspired him to walk again.  In turn he has inspired many others.  As Josh tells it, "I was looking for something that I felt would push me further."  Be careful of what you ask for.  Josh is a very connected to the planet, he loves being in nature and has spent a lot time gaining knowledge and wisdom about what Gaia has to offer.  One thing that did stand out in this interview was when Josh said, "Nature will provide for you, if you need to heal from something it will literally start growing in your yard."  No one else has said that to me but that makes perfect sense.  We are given what we need, all we have to do is ask. 


On May 15th, which is coincidently 7 years since Josh's accident, there will be a fundraiser in Marquette Michigan for Josh from 6-9pm at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.  Josh hopes to raise $38,000 to attend Project Walk in California, where they've had remarkable results.  Josh will walk again and we can help him and I think he will help many more in return.  Check out Walk The Earth Facebook page and see Josh's story.  You can also support him at the site and video below.




You can also make donations at a Go Fund Me site:


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