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January 24th, 2013

kathiedice.jpgComing full circle.  20 years ago Kathie Dice worked with me with aspirations of becomimg of a comedian, and carrying a heavy heart.  Fast foward to today and she has accomplished her dream and healed her heart.  Often we would have heart to heart talks and I would share my views about life and the other side.  I don't remember but I think some of it was probably taken from Ramtha, which I was into the time.  Kathie has always enjoyed humor, she now uses it as a comedian but also to tell her story.  Her story is about her son Brandon, he died several years ago at the age of only 2.  He was born with problems right from the start and it didn't get better.  Kathie was in a state of depression for many years until one day when she talked to a psychic and Brandon connected with her from the other side.  We all face loss, this story will inspire you and maybe even give you hope about those that pass...because sometimes they come back to assist us in our lives! 

Kathie's goal is to bring a little humor to those who have had tragedy, because she's lived it.  She is a gentle, funny, compassionate being who has found her path to help others, she will be back when her book comes out.  This week I welcome an old friend. 

You can check out her site:  www.kathiedice.com


January 17th, 2013

indigocrystalchildren.jpgSomewhere in the 1980's I started to notice something different with the children from that time period.  Maybe I noticed it because of my own son.  Many were being diagnosed with atention deficit disorder.  These kids seemed to be full of energy, had a hard time focusing, and in my son's case were sensitive and honest.  They had no fear of authority like I did and if there was a wrong being done they would speak up.  What I'm describing is what some term as the Indigo's.  A group of children that were born in the 80's up til now.   Who are they and what is there purpose?  According to many they are here to help us bring forward the truth, for years we  have been lied to or lying to ourselves.  Think about it.  I've always seen it in our communities, they are not what we think.  Many times if you're the son or daughter of someone prominent you get away with things.  Many times those in power abuse their priveledge and get away with it.  Well, it appears the Indigo's are here to point that out.  What I didn't understand is that if they are not balanced they can and will do drastic, if not tragic, things to get our attention.  My guest this week, Joy Regina Melchezidek speaks of the 3 types of children that have been born in the last 30 years.  Why?  If we are in a time of great change then these are the more aware ones who are coming into this world.  Do you have a young child who is so aware it blows you away?  They seem like they already know the answers.  Are they telling you what to do?  Some would say these are Crystal's or Rainbow's.  I know it may sound a little silly but so many parents have told me about this behavior in there kids, I've met many kids like this, to me it just seems like something is going on.

When I was a kid there were no A.D.D. kids, no kids that had that courage to speak up when they were used or abused.  We didn't have the awareness of many that do today, although I guess maybe I had some or I wouldn't be going down this road.  Joy, who has become a great friend, discusses how we can recognize these traits in our children and understand why they are behaving the way they do. There is nothing wrong with them, they do not need medication.  Joy also has some tips on how we can nuture them so they can reach their full potential.  Perhaps you are dealing with some of these issues now?  Maybe if you're an adult you recognize some of these traits in yourself?  Maybe this can also explain some of the tragic events that have happened in the last 15 to 20 years?  Either way, I know something is different in kids from the last 20 years.


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