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Episode XXVI Rebecca Hulem: Women’s natural health expert. Also a near death experience.

September 19th, 2008

rebecca-standing.jpgThe reason I chose to talk to Rebecca is mostly due to my constant search for natural products or treatments that can help us all.  It's funny because this was just scheduled to be a radio interview, but when we started talking off the air I realized that this would be a great show for a podcast.  Rebecca seems to have discovered some natural ways to help deal with what can be a difficult time in the life of so many women.

This show is not just about menopause, it also has some involvement with the paranormal.  Rebecca shares some very personal experiences as well.  One of which is a near death experience.  I've always been fascinated with these type of stories.  Rebecca also shares the tragic loss of her mother and the healing contact she would later have when her mother came back to visit.

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Episode XXV Lisa Shiel talks about Bigfoot, The Mystery of Lake Champlain, and Strange Michigan

September 11th, 2008

Lisa Shiel is a bigfoot/ufo/paranormal researcher.  Lisa always tries to view events through a scientific lens.  Try as I may, I can't get her to speculate...which really tells me that she researches her stories first before she comments on them.  I really enjoy talking to Lisa because she is such a pleasant spirit.  Part of this interview is about Sasquatch.  We also talk about "Champ".  Have you heard about Champ?  Champ is our version of the Lochness monster that lives in Lake Champlain in New York.  Are you up for werewolves?  Hope so...uh...cause that is part of the discussion as well.  Lisa has co-authored a book that will be coming out soon called Strange Michigan.  So as you can guess we cover a lot of wierdness.  Do I believe in all of these things?  No, but I am open to at least hearing about them.   

 Is there a coverup when it comes to bigfoot, similar as there seems to be with ufo's?  Why would someone do that?  I really don't want to go into conspiracies but it makes you wonder why more hardcore evidence hasn't turned up.  Yes, Waye Braver, I know what your thinking.  "It's because they don't exist."   Perhaps so.  Perhaps not.

Some food for thought:  I got an email from Jen Cupples and while kayaking with a group in Lower Michigan they had an unusual encounter.  Someone or something was shaking an entire tree quite noticibly.  Jen also shared with me an email from some other people that have witnessed similar events and seem to believe that it was caused by a sasquatch.  The individual in the email claimed this is how a bigfoot lets you know when you're in its territory.  This would also explain why others have had rocks thrown in their direction whenever they wander into an area that has had bigfoot sightings.  Possible?

Episode XXIV My Friend Mary Shares Ghost Stories Involving Her Dad, Also A Discussion About God

September 4th, 2008

I've known Mary for many years now, we became good friends almost immediately.  Mary's sarcastic humor is almost a mirror of mine.  We have talked about almost everything including the creator.  I realize it's probably wise to tread carefully when discussing this topic.  Now why is that?  I mean no disrespect to anyone or their beliefs but I enjoy talking about all things.  Mary is the same way and although she is Catholic and I'm...to be honest I don't know what I am, we can have a discussion without getting heated over something that is close to our heart.  But what's amazing is that we can find common ground even though there may be vast differences in the way we see things.  The reason we went down this road was in part to prove that we all can find some common ground in spititual beliefs, and if that was the case...then is there a chance the world can follow suit?  Would that end some of the wars that exist today?  How can we move forward if we don't at least listen and respect what the other person has to say.  In the end we may realize we have more in common than we realize.   

 Sadly, like some of you, Mary lost her dad at an early age.  They were pretty close.  What's great about these stories is that her dad seemed to come back almost right away and keep an eye on her all the way into early adulthood.  Even her roomates in college were witness to these events!  Whether you believe these to be true or not, so be it.  But what I take away is at least some comfort in the possibility that all spirits go on and that love moves beyond the flesh.

 Also included in the interview is a discussion about "The Secret".


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