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Episode XVII Does prayer work?

June 23rd, 2008

My guest this week is a man by the name of Michael Maurino.  Michael works out of Florida for a company called Pitch.  Michael's job is to contact radio stations and try to promote his clients.  Go figure that we would eventually get around to discussing other topics besides his clients.  But that is what I do, people call me for something and I wind up asking them questions.  It probably drives them nuts.  Michael was willing to chat and because of his background in radio, perhaps it was a chance to reconnect with that.  (in this case a podcast)

In this interview, Michael describes some coincidences that some might say could be an answer to his prayers.  I've always wondered why some prayers are answered and some aren't.  Now why is that?  And why is it that we need to believe in order for the prayer to work?  What difference does it make?  Perhaps there is a formula to making them more effective...hmm...Could it be similar to that movie "The Secret?"

Just so you are not thrown for a suprise, I only did two segments with Michael, the last segment is me talking about reincarnation.

Episode XVI Old wives tails or home remedies?

June 10th, 2008

Some of you may believe in the use of natural products.  There are so many.  My guest this week, Willie Jean Carrington, grew up in Louisana and their family survived illness by using many home remedies.  Many in the south live in poverty and they had to use simple means to maintain their health.  We always hear that years ago people weren't as healthy, I think just the opposite is true.  Is there a way to recover from almost any type of disease?  Perhaps we have forgotten some of the simpler things that can help us.  I have heard many remarkable stories about amazing healings, more will be shared at a later date.

Some questions to ponder:  Whoever put us here must have given us the knowledge on how to cure ourselves, right?  Wouldn't those cures be found in nature?  Why does the body get sick to begin with... isn't dis-ease (many times not always) just caused by our body being out of balance?  Is it possible to avoid a lot of disease just by changing our attitude?

 A couple of years ago I met a woman who believed she beat her cancer by taking a natural product, she feels it saved her life.  She had run out of options with modern medicine.  She also told me she had to change her attitude, because that too was affecting her health.  She told me she actually removed all of those people in her life that were creating a negative energy around her.  Pehaps she will be on the show eventually if she feels comfortable enough to speak about something that truly is a personal and private issue.


June 2nd, 2008

What makes a person a credible witness to an event?  I think if you look at a persons background you will discover quite a bit about them.  My friend Ron has a background in the military and while he has shared some of his close encounters while he was in the military, those will not be included in this broadcast.  He cannot and will not reflect on those experiences, nor would I expect him to.  He did have a couple of civilian experiences which he shares with me in this interview.  What makes him unique?  His eye for detail and the fact that he was not the only one who saw these unknown crafts.  I always ask myself, why would a current or former military person stick their neck out on the line like that?  This isn't a case of seeing just one craft that could have been something.  This is an eyewitness account at close range about seeing several craft. 

Again this is no biggie to me, many in my family have seen things close up, including myself.  Many of my co-workers have seen them too.  Many friends, the list goes on . . .


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