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Episode XI The ghost and the skeptic

April 25th, 2008

This week I talk to Melissa Lafave, who I've known for quite some time.  Some people you just have a connection with, Melissa is one of those people.  Melissa shares her miracle story about her son Zander.  Imagine finding out that your son had a major heart problem and was going to need surgery at a very young age, what would you do?  Then you notice something unusual happening, what does it mean?  Zander's story plays out through the words of Melissa and I think you will find this story inspiring!

Also on the show is the site's creator and good friend Waye Braver.  While we are good friends, we're polar opposites when it comes to the paranormal.  Waye is a skeptic, he keeps me grounded, actually balanced is probably more accurate.  What I enjoy about talking to Waye is the fact that I can razz him a bit, and that he brings a totally different view than most of my guests.  Perhaps he represents the skeptic in some of you who listen to these podcasts.  Again, like all my guests, Waye is down to earth, genuine, and can laugh at himself.

Episode VI My radio co-host talks about her ghostly experiences

April 22nd, 2008

This interview was recorded a few months ago with Mindy Wills, my co-host on the radio.  Like many, Mindy had some things happen to her when she was younger that peaked her interest in the subject.  Anyone who knows Mindy realizes that she is genuine, humble, & easy going.  What causes someone to be so passionate about a certain subject?  Is it previous experiences?  Or is it just a curious nature in all of us?  Is there another reason?   



Episode X Bigfoot researcher Lisa Shiel is my guest

April 4th, 2008

I have had three people tell me about their encounters with the legendary sasquatch.  Two of those encounters took place in the U.P. and one was in Ohio.  What were these people seeing?  Was it uncle Lou in a gorilla suit?  Was it just a hairy redneck?  I had the good fortune to meet Lisa Shiel a couple of years ago when I got an email promoting her book: Backyard Bigfoot.  Over the years Lisa has done a lot of research and you can find out more about her experiences at www.upbigfoot.com.  You can also contact her with any kind of unusual or paranormal experience.  Is it possible that some sort of prehistoric man is still around even though we have never been able to capture him?

Episode IX Do you believe in angels? This week I talk to a woman who claims to work with angels.

April 1st, 2008

When I was a young buck going to broadcasting school in Wausau, Wisconsin I had something unusaul happen to me.  I was on my way to work at a grocery store on the other side of town and it had been snowing a bit.  As usual I was cutting it close on time so I was in a bit of a hurry.  I came to the top of this hill and at the bottom of the hill, maybe some 50 to 70 yards away, was a traffic light.  It was red.  There was a station wagon parked at the light.  I touched my brakes and started to slide.  There were two lanes and I was in the left lane.  To my right was a snow grader, so cutting over into that lane was not an option.  I only had a few seconds to decide what I was going to do.  Then, in a moment of clarity, it all became quite clear what to do.  Speed up, get past the grader, cut the wheel at the last second to avoid the wagon, and then slide over into the right hand lane.  What?  You're kidding right?  But that is exactly what I did and I just missed the wagon by about an inch and came to almost a perfect stop in the right lane.  How did that happen?  There is no way the I should have avoided an accident, or at least plowed through the intersection.  At the time I didn't think much of it, but since many other similar incidents have occured it has made see things in a different light.  I know I got an "assist" from someone or something that day.  Was it a guardian angel?  Was it a family member who passed?  Over the years I have met some people who have claimed to work with angels.  Like many of you, at one time, I might have thought that these folks were exposed to a little too much paint thinner.  However over time when you talk with people and get to know them and witness events for yourself you start to see that most of them are just like anyone else.  My guest this week is Debbie Bergeon, she describes how she got involved with angel work and what has led her where she is now.  What do you think about this topic?


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