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September 8th, 2017


My friend Art joins me again to talk about Melvin Brown and a few other topics.  Part of the discussion turns to someone Art met that had a father at Roswell during the time of the crash.  Art also discusses why he feels some documents that have been released are not legitimate.


Why were some of those who witnessed the crash and debris sent to the hospital?  What did that memo in General Ramey's hand say about Roswell?  Can it be deciphered? 


Of course the big mystery remains, did Art meet Melvin Brown's son in the early 70's?  Was Mike Brown the son of Melvin Brown?  Art is always seaching and I find it all fascinating...


September 2nd, 2017



This week my good buddy David Twichell joins me to speak about Jim Mars, who recently passed away. Jim has written many books, including Crossfire which was non fiction that became the inspiration for the movie JFK.  Jim was also a contributor to Ancient Aliens. 


David also shares more detail about his own UFO sighting and his sister's abduction.  There are things he told me in this interview that he's never told me before, I think I just didn't ask the right questions. 


Part of the reason I brought David on was to speculate about current events where it appears that someone has interceded with nuclear devastation.  Robert Jacobs talks about the Disclosure Project on the link below.