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February 4th, 2016



If you've never heard of Bruce Gernon and the "Electronic Fog" incident that took place in the 1970's then you've missed an amazing but strange story.  Imagine traveling over the Bermuda Triangle only to encounter something so bizarre it's hard to describe, hard to believe.  Fortunately for Bruce he had his father and a friend with him as witnesses to the event.  What was it?  Bruce called it an "electronic fog" that seemed to follow the plane as they tried to ascend past it.  The fog engulfed the small plane and messed with their instruments and created a bit of a panic.  Towards the end Bruce could see a spiral that was closing and he aimed his plane towards the opening.  What would have happened had they not made it?  Bruce believes they may have perished.  What's even more unusual is that Bruce's plane traveled a distance of several miles in just a few seconds, it was estimated that would have had to been traveling at 3000 miles an hour, which is impossible, or is it?


What did Bruce experience?  A worm hole?  Was it a natural phenomenon or made by someone else?  Could it be the opening and closing of a doorway where others come and go? 


People have disappeared in this area for as long as we've been a nation, even before that.  Perhaps the biggest mystery is that of Flight 19 in 1945 where 5 U.S. Navy Avenger bombers went missing, as did the rescue plane that tried to find them.  Recordings of the pilots make it sound that they were quite confused and their instruments were not working, similar to what Bruce Gernon experienced.


Many believe this to be a doorway where ships from other worlds come and go, if you happen to be there when it's activated you may go down to the bottom of the ocean or you may go to another place altogether.  Is that even possible?  Why not, who are we to say.  Others have reported this anomaly but few have experienced it like Bruce Gernon.


Many years ago, back in the 1980's I read a book called Ramtha, and I listened to cassette tapes, it was in one of those that he spoke of the Bermuda Triangle, he suggested it was a doorway that "aeroships" were using to come check on us.  These doorways exist all over the world, there is one over by Japan that is well known.  There supposedly is one over the Great Lakes.  Bruce has told me he's seen several ufo's in the Bermuda Triangle, none on that fateful day when he had his experience however.  Bruce doesn't rule out the possibility that it's just a natural phenomena that occurs under the right conditions. 


As someone who's lived on Lake Michigan for over 30 years I've heard many a story of ufo's coming and going out of the lake, almost like there is a secret city at the bottom, or maybe some kind of doorway as well.  Kathy Doore wrote about her incident in 1978 when yachting on Lake Michigan, she too experienced an "electronic fog."  Many claim there are more strange incidents over the Great Lakes than over the Bermuda Triangle. 


Bruce may be the luckiest guy alive to have survived what has taken so many others.




January 29th, 2016


The other night I went to an open house that was held by friend Dana Van Enkevort at his new office.  I met some people and I met a man named Jeff whose father disappeared over Lake Michigan, it made me think of the Great Lakes Triangle.  Then as he continued to talk, he told me that two other men were on the plane with him and it was an aha moment.  When I first moved back up here in 1985 there was a woman who worked as our receptionist and she talked about her husband disappearing over Lake Michigan, and she always seemed to think he was still alive even though it had been more than a couple of years.  I wish I would have known then what I know now, and that he possibly could be still alive.  Was her husband one of the men who disappeared with Jeff's father?  That would be a crazy coincidence, wouldn't it?  So I thought of Jeff in doing this show and it's about the different shows I've featured over the years, depending what you're looking for you can look in my archives.  If you're new to my site, here's some of what I feature:


Ufos:  Look for Marilyn Rueben, Jim Mahroney, David Twichell and Gord Heath, Frank Feschino.

Sasquatch and Dogman:  Linda Godfrey, Lisa Shiel, Stan Gordon

Channeling: Roslyn McGrath, Joy Melchezidek

Astrology: Jen Howell

Crystal Skulls, healing, ancient teachings:  Reverend Dr. Phil Delong

Angels:  Reverend Debby Bergeon

Psychics:  Dana Van Enkevort, Sarah Wiggens



January 20th, 2016


georgie.jpgI've known Georgie Holbrook for a number of years now, dating back to when she helped me with a sick friend who was dying from cancer.   I knew that she had her battle with Rosacea and conquered it.  She has been a healer and we've worked together on a few projects over the years.

The other day I got an email from Georgie and she told me she went to see John Of God in Brazil.  About a year ago I did a show with a woman who wrote a book called "Dog of God."  The book was part fiction and part fact, the truth was that this woman who had both of legs severely injured and was told she would never walk again without crutches  . . . would up walking again, she left her crutches behind!  Georgie witnessed similar healings and much more, her real goal in going there was just to learn to become a better healer herself.

Now, how does this all work?  Is this guy for real?  I believe we can be healed using energy, why not, aren't we just energy to begin with?  Of course I've also said we have to heal ourselves, haven't I?  I guess I look to how Jesus did it, or how the Masters Of The Far East performed healings, you raise someone up to your level of consciousness/vibration and they in turn see what's wrong and correct it.  I always believe that the choice is ours, no one can heal us if we don't wish to be healed, but someone who's enlightened can lift us to their level and we then can perceive, even if not consciously, how to respond.  People heal themselves all the time we just don't hear about it.  I once had a guy on my show told me after the interview that he traveled the world and once witnessed a shaman heal someone's broken leg without touching them.  The big question is, do you believe?  Are you open?  Faith and belief can move mountains and create so called miracles.


January 13th, 2016


sarahjpeg.jpgThis week Sarah Wiggens joins me to talk about a group she works with who originally trained at Berkley California's Psychic Institute.  Sarah's ability often has to do with looking into someone's past life to find answers for issues they may be dealing with today.  She will demonstrate that on this show by looking at my previous times.  From what I know of those times she's pretty spot on.  Our show this week covers a range of topics, I find all light workers seem to have a similar understanding of the cosmos.  Why is that?  There isn't a metaphysical school that we all went to.  No one came to my house with brochures.  In my case I just picked it up over the years from different teachings, there just seems to be a universal truth, which by the way is very similar to many ancient indigenous truths.  How can that be?  It is just a knowing, teachings that have been around for millennia but have been lost for one reason or another.

I really believe our health is mostly affected by our thoughts mainly from this lifetime, but I also know that we could be carrying some baggage from another lifetime.  Sarah can help you find out about your past and also help you release any trauma you may be carrying from another time.  Send her an email if you're interested in finding out more:  lightwork.intuition@gmail.com


January 6th, 2016


The following was sent to me as a channeled message from James Tyberonn.jamestyberonn.jpg2016 - A Metatronic Overview  

AA Metatron via James Tyberonn


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We are asked in this gathering to discuss the year ahead, year four of the new earth, 2016 in linear chronology.

We wish to insert here, that what we offer in this channel are probabilities & potentials based on streams of probable realities within the formatted influence of astronomical gravities and mass thought fields of humanity. Let us be clear no one, no Angelic group, channel or individual may fully accurately foretell the future. And to be clear, that is not our intent. Indeed, by definition of laws in place for the duality realm of 3d, the future is ever fluid, the 3d realm is governed by free will and the resulting manifestation of reality is not fixed in any absolute terms on any individual level.

But there are certain events that are in place, that indeed you have created, and are only separated from their 3d realization by space and time. And this is important for you to understand. The belief structures upon which humanity in mass (and individuals) base their lives so program your existence that often you outwardly deny what you inwardly know.

So we wish to insert the caveat, a point we have made many times, that what you experience, is your creation.  Yet there are certain occurrences in time, non-time & nature that are relatively fixed within the laws & physics of the physical ream and in the field of duality. The Ascension of humanity is one of these.
Trending Planetary Astro-Influence in 2016

To be clear, we list the below in an interpretation of coding. As such the trending fields as shown below is from our stance, neither objective nor subjective relative to your current categories & systems of astrological analysis. Rather what we offer is based on resonance, not truly specific to or limited by geometric angles, for we sense aspectual influences as opposed to physical placement in linear time and space.

Trending Planetary Influence & 2016 Astrological Linear Time Line
  • Waning Uranus/Pluto Square     January - April 2016
  • Uranus Conjunct Eris                  June 2016 Forward
  • Saturn Square Neptune              June & September 2016
  • Jupiter Conjunct North Node     July 30 2016
  • Jupiter Opposite Chiron             August 2016
  • Jupiter Enters Libra                    September 10 2016  
  • Jupiter Sextile Saturn                 November & December 2016
  • Jupiter Square Pluto                   November & December 2016
  • Jupiter Opposite Uranus             December 2016
  • Saturn Trine Uranus                    December 2016
  • Saturn Square Chiron                  December 2016
Now we offer not horoscopes, nor predictions, rather vibrational tones combined with coded inserts, and the latter is grasp by some but not as yet by the majority of astrologists in your current time. And as such our focus on this aspect will be brief and will not override the message we offer, for all astrological and astronomical gravities represent fields of energy, yet these are indicators, not the rule, for human will and individual fortitude is stronger than any astrological patterning.
So with that in mind, we tell you that the influence pattern of Jupiter is enormous in 2016, and in over view & summation defines a prolific year of great shift and powerful realization. Neptune, Saturn and Uranus play key roles in 2016, influencing a year of deep consideration, contemplation and reclamation, with potent gravitational waves influencing practical requisite change. And we tell you Masters, these frequencial energies also uniquely combine to allow you to deal with any unresolved issues, and these must be faced both individually and in mass. Jupiter representing power, Saturn representing life purpose, Neptune & Uranus combining in representation of psychic and intuitive forces.

The waves of Neptune & Saturn particularly in September of 2016 offer an opportunity for extraordinary clarity in understanding life purpose. In this essence, in the Mercury retro of September, beginning with the Solar Eclipse, a complete transitional reformation can evolve, with release of the old and upshift into a greater version of self.  Neptune to Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in June and enter into the equinoxial eclipse phase in potent September. Accordingly the months of June & especially September are very powerful timings for old paradigm dissolving & inner realization. From the solar eclipse of 1 September up thru the energy of the September equinox, there are opportunities for complete reconstruction, of releasing old patterns and establishing a better self, a better life.

In the last trimester of 2016, Jupiter makes for very powerful opportunities in the balancing vibration of Libra, and the sextiles of Saturn & Pluto. In this timing, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are carrying coded energies, especially poignant from September thru December, aligned with the new energies of the planet and offering crystalline shift further into your lives.  This offers opportune timing, in September and in November to step away from attitudinal obstacles and non-serving relationships, enabling greater sovereignty, self-reliance and acceptance of higher truth, in release of destructive habits, and disinformation. These are times for pilgrimage, and spirit based gatherings.
As always the eclipses, solstices and equinoxes offer coded energies for renewal and contemplation. And these times are needed, for 2016 continues full speed ahead at a rapid pace into the resolution of unresolved energy.
Eclipse Dates For 2016
  • 8 March            Total Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces
  • 23 March          Lunar eclipse at 3 degrees Aries/Libra
  • 1 September      Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo
  • 16 September     Lunar eclipse at 23 degrees Pisces/Virgo
Equinoxes & Solstices of 2016
  • Equinox - March 20
  • Solstice - June 20
  • Equinox September 22
  • Solstice - December 21
Masters, we tell you again, and please take note, you are in a period of crucible astrology, and this patterning brings by purpose, by design, all unresolved energies to the surface in order for humanity, individually and in mass, to confront and resolve unsettled issues. You are in a historic phase of both intense clearing, further heightened by change, certain are fixed, in leading to 2038, and this of course requires great effort in resolving all unresolved conflicts and issues, in order to usher in the coming Golden Age.

It is however, in 2016 thru 2020 an erratic oscillation, and the level of intensity, the frequencial bar will be raised, purposely upshifted with each eclipse, solstice and equinox. Yet these offer opportunities for recalibration, crysto upshift and re-charging. Such periods are essential for coding, and we urge you to use the timing opportunities we list, for rebooting and re-energizing, and not allow the intensities to overwhelm your energy field and fall into apathy or disillusion. These are powerful times, and you Earth-Keepers, Gridwerkers & Light workers, are valiantly pioneering and courageously anchoring the shift, navigating the oft tumultuous currents of the New Earth.
Fixed Change

Masters, you are in the midst of fixed change. Your earth is upshifting, and what is occurring in nature and in human activity, albeit seemingly tumultuous in your current linear time, has purpose. What is occurring in the reminder of 2015, and 2016 and beyond to key years of 2038 and 2075, humanity have chosen, and scripted in highest good. And that is something we are compelled to remind you to understand. For the fear that continues to take root, can become a disruptive force. It is an unnecessary disruption, which the wise among you, the seekers among you should in this time of transition, choose to wisely release. Do not allow fear to overcome you, for the enlightened among you must stand tall and project the well-being and light of that which is on track.

The Raining & Quickening

We are aware of the great flooding that has recently taken place within England, the United States and many regions across the planet.  And as heartbreaking as these events have been, these are a natural phenomenon, and they have purpose which we will discuss, for these are important for you to understand in the quickening energy of the New Earth. 
And you must realize, that as your climate changes in what is termed as global warming, such occurrences will continue in 2016 and beyond. The ice caps will continue to melt, the seas will continue to warm & rise, air & ocean currents will shift, the balance of tectonics will readjust and quakes will occur, tsunami's will follow, rain patterns will change, floods, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes and super storms will persist.

The Overview

Masters, these are happening regionally in lieu of a global catastrophe. These are occurring because humanity chose to Ascend. In 1987 measurement, the Harmonic Convergence brought about a shift, a change of what would otherwise have occurred in 1998.
So we emphasize, that it is in fact humanities  1987 'Light Quotient Measurement' and choice to Ascend  which determined that there will NOT be a great global cataclysm, a massive destruction on a worldwide arena., followed by a massive extinction, reboot, a new start. In 2012 the planet ascended, it birthed an ongoing up-shift that will in fact allow for the ascension of humanity in some 15-20 generations.

This is imperative that you know, for this knowledge is in your sub-conscious, and is a source of great accomplishment, of joy. For the earth is cleansing, is up-shifting, and the requisite cleansing/reformatting will be in smaller localized settings, will occur gradually, and both the earth & humanity will indeed now graduate to the next level.

Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes to allow the clearing & reformatting will and must continue, and if the masses were to be duly educated and open to the stance and vision of higher good, such appropriate changes could be made much more easily, and sooner rather than later.


So in this discussion of 2016, we wish to remind you of your relationship with the living earth, and how it is much more closely in harmony with you than many of you realize. There is much you are aware of in nature, but much you have forgotten. It is time to reconsider and adjust your understanding. For although your science is much more advanced than in past centuries, there is still great misunderstanding.

Your scientists can accurately predict the time of sunrise and sunset, the timings of equinoxes, solstices and eclipses years ahead in your future. Your meteorologists are able to offer glimpses in the weeks ahead of trending weather patterns.  In this sense these are not 'prophesies' nor channeled predictions. Rather an understanding of the science of movement within nature and natural laws.

But what mankind largely does understand, in terms of certain natural phenomena as weather, is that your moods and emotions can affect and to certain degrees influence the 'weather' just as much as the weather can affect your moods.

As an example, we will site your hurricanes, typhoons and superstorms. As we have emphasized repeatedly, these are one of the very important frequency upshift mechanisms taking place on your planet. Yet these 'hurricanes, superstorms and such remain greatly misunderstood, and greatly feared. Again the fear. These are truly intended to charge the oceans with magnificent energies. They are not intended to be drawn to the lands. 

Hurricanes require water, and dissolve on land. But it is as if, the entire world becomes focused on where it will land, what destruction it will cause, and the experts predict where it will come to shore. Masses, literally millions of humans watch the storm, focus on the fear of it landing in their area, and that attentive focal fear does indeed oft pull the storm to the predicted area, by force of human emotional attraction. And these energetic forces of nature, while not conscious energies, are indeed temporal 'aware' energies, and are influenced by the humans who connect to their concentrated energy nucleus in highly charged fear.

The true purpose of these storms is to increase the energy of the waters and to allow it to electrically expand. If these remain at sea, then the enormous electrical energy is simply transmuted in a relatively safe environ, and transmuted, conducted as current waves to a very great proportion of the planet. As such it is conducted to the land and peoples, not by wind and waves, but by its terrestrial energy current so that it may reach that many more beings. 

There is a perfection to it, you see? There is what is called the perfect storm in some ways, but the perfect storm is that which the perfect blend of electromagnetic currents contained & provided in the delivery of requisite upshift. As these 'storms' then move through the fields of humanity, they are of benefit, for the frequencial ascension of the planet, and as such to the entirety of mankind. For indeed there are ongoing changes on the planet that enable the ascension of humanity. The solar radiation and the 'storms' are part of the transition.

Currents & Purposed Movement

Indeed, the storms and floods, quakes and tremors, tsunamis and tornadoes are a part of nature. A part of the earth, and they have an absolute purpose in balancing the earth. Were these not to occur on a regional level, then the imbalances which they electromagnetically resolve, would not be resolved, and a larger event, of even greater cataclysm would be moved into higher likelihood. So in 2016 and beyond, these will continue. But the intense fear reactions are better abated.  

Now, the difficulty with many who are well intended, is that they are not in-tuned, not of a high enough light quotient to accept the true paradigm of the upshift nor the nature of the living planet.  And so such people, while they wish to assist, truly know not how. They believe that to prevent the storm or quake, or to move it elsewhere is appropriate; the fear reigns, better there than here, you see? Not all that wish to assist truly understand the greater good, the higher purpose of those events you term super hurricanes, volcanics, earthquakes and tsunamis.

So most simply react in fear to these events, and wish to be free of the anxiety. But to dissolve fear is not the same as confronting the greater reality by understanding the fear. Therefore the masses of humankind become charged in fear, and actually reinforce, amplify & re-create it. To dissolve or to dissipate natural events of re-balance and of change is not truly of benefit in the upshift, not to the earth and not to humanity.

The difficulty with those that wish to assist, and 'save the planet', is that they believe they are more academic in their understanding and know better. Yet they inadvertently omit the divine, they omit the integrity of that termed conscious allied spirit within nature. 

They do not understand or see the perfection in what takes place because there is great difficulty for those of fear-closed minds or narrow vision to comprehend that all is in perfection, that all is in good order. So then they do not add grease to the squeaky wheel, rather, they try to block the cogs which then become still and stuck. And so turning with the wheels of transition becomes that much more difficult, you see? Fear & ignorance is the great culprit of closed minds.

 Wise Stewardship

Many are those who wish to 'save the planet' in your terms. But masters, the planet does not need salvation. Humanity cannot destroy the earth, nor the Omni earth. Do not misunderstand, part of your ascension is the wise stewardship of natural resources and the living kingdoms of the earth. But in many ways, the earth is far more conscious, far more advanced than is humanity at this time.

So what is the nature of man's relationship to the living planet?  It would be best if the relationships were to be synchronistic and be aware that a truly harmonic dialogue can take place now between the earth and humankind. Those of you who have spent lifetimes as the Earth-Keepers, the indigenous, the Druid, the Atla-Ra are to take the lead in such communication. Indeed many of you such as the channel are here now specifically to hold the energy of these dialogues, and they are occurring.

In 2016 and beyond it is imperative that you be aware that there is a divine plan in place, and nothing that occurs on the planet, be it natural phenomenon or human interaction is by random happenstance. As much as humanity wish to take on the guilt of 'global warming', we tell you that the earth at this time of shift, would still be undergoing this process even if you were a non-industrailized campestral society.  

Of course you must take steps to stop polluting the air, stop cutting down the forests, and stop damaging your water & resources ... but the shifting of the earth is not due to mankind's misactions. Rather the shift is due to mankind's decision to ascend.

 It is an absolute fact that the increased potency of your hurricanes is due to the warming of the waters. And as much as you humans want to assume the responsibility of Global Warming, it is not due primarily to your industrialization. As we have said, Global Warming' would occur now even if you were a campestral society. 

And we say again, do not misunderstand, environmental pollution from industrial waste and emissions, must be brought under control for the health of humanity and the living kingdoms of your planet. But the primary cause of global warming is the increase in spin of the inner molten core of the earth. 

The accelerated core spin, increases the mass & temperature of the molten iron-nickel of the core. The heat generated warms the mantle. The higher spin affects the torque ratio between the inner and outer core in the planets centre interior. These rotate in opposite directions and different speeds.

Torque & Ratio

It is the very mechanism of this torque & ratio of torque change that is increasing the flash of your time sequence on your planet. It also augments the volume & mass of the inner core that subsequently increases the ionic discharge you term the Schumann Resonance.
These changes are profound in effect, and are involved in the evolution of your planet and transformation of the planetary matrix. The adjustments are ongoing and require 'fine-tuning'.

At present the 'tuning' is not complete, and so there is currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within the very core, as to how the core spins both clockwise and counterclockwise and so then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well. Otherwise, without such balance the earth cannot truly move into its higher octaves in requisite preparation for receival of higher dimensions that lead to 2038.

So ironically, the greater truth unrecognized by the masses of humanity is that without such balancing of the electromagnetics, there would be even more earth changes. There would be first an earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado to balance, you see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado creating a pattern of its own, which would not be of assistance, not to the earth and not to humanity. In this way, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how electromagnetics move about the planet, circulating about the new crystalline grid system and then permeating the earth and then balancing within as well. 

It is not done to prevent earth changes, but to bring balance where balance is appropriate. The imbalance, left unadjusted, we assure you, would lead to cataclysm on the global macro scale. Better then that the micro events occur to bring the balance and in so doing prevent the macro you see.

Crucible Energy & Obstacle Release

2016 will continue in the crucible astrological energies, meaning that 2016 in linear flow continues to carry a vibrational wave phase of clearing, of removing obstacles. A time in which unresolved energies will continue to surface in order to be confronted. Of course this occurs in macro and in micro,   in mass planetary events and individually. Each of you will face on some level any residues of unresolved conflicts. These should be faced, and not feared.

2016 Patterns of Release
Masters, astrology in its correct application is one of gravitational and electromagnetic waves that influence the human body physical and the etheric bodies of the mental and emotional matrix. It is real, it is not folklore. We are not speaking about horoscopes, rather about very real waves of energy, which are teeming with frequencies, light and color that affect you by induction and federate patterns. These patterns are vibrations that absolutely will influence, you whether or not you accept that they do. However no influence is greater than the power of will. But by being aware of the influential vibratory patterns you can more effectively work with and not against the patterns. Accordingly opportunities can be understood and thus seized, and pitfalls can be wisely avoided.  Do you understand?
In the New Earth of 2016, the Crystalline Grid has taken predominance over the magnetic grid, and this in kind influences both gravities of planets & stars as well as the interpretation of Light. And a force of influence that plays into this energetic collage is that of Divine Thought.
There are patterns of influence from the collective Divine Aspect of Humanity and that termed Universal Mind that are injecting specific codes through the Crystalline Grid into the Earthplane at apertures formed in phases of eclipses, solstices and equinoxes.
The 2016 Pattern of Seeming Chaos
Accordingly in 2016, you are in a unique timing in which planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces that are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. That termed the shadow, the darkside is in a temporal free-flow for a peculiar period of frequencial time to bring to the surface repression and frustrations, whether justified or not, to be confronted, viewed and dealt with in the crucible of human experience and manifest reality. 

That which was hidden or repressed is being percolated to the top. Past transgressions and unresolved conflicts that may have been hidden will surface in this time for facing and responsibly clearing. 

It is a time of misunderstanding, of overreaction and illusion. It is an energy underscored by extremes in expression of repression, a backlash of frustrations that may be revealed in a squeeze of untoward, even inappropriate venting in releasing that which was in 'shadow'.



December 11th, 2015


lifebetweenlife.pngPeople will say to me, "I sure hope that I make to a good place when I die."  Why wouldn't you?  "Well my beliefs say this or they say that and therefore I may not be worthy enough to make it. If only there was some way to research it."  People have, nobody talks about it, ever wonder why? 


One book I read years ago was written by Dr. Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher called Life Between Life.  Many hypnotherapists believe that in order to work out issues we have now, we need to go back to an early time in our childhood and remember an incident that we're keeping inside.  In the 1980's Dr. Whitton did that and accidently regressed one of his patients back a little too far and guess what happened?  The patient started describing what was going on before they came here.  I believe Dr. Whitton did this with 100 patients before he wrote his book, all of the patients agreed to be a part of the experiment.  So what did they find?  A lot of similarities. 


People are willing to trust near death experiences as possibly being true.  Many will go to someone to find out their past lives.  Why not go to someone who can tell you what happened in between.  Wouldn't that be pretty solid evidence of what goes on after we die and before we come back?  There seems to be evidence that when people have a near death experience they will be guided by religious figures, depending on their affiliation.  How can that be?  Maybe we see what we believe, at least at first.  Atheists who've have N.D.E.'s don't see a religious figure but they all have contact with someone they would consider a supreme being.  Now if you take those millions of encounters and add what you're about to hear about life between life, maybe it becomes a little more clear and the best thing to come out of it is that you have no fear and you don't  worry about your loved ones.  Can we move forward with our lives now?




November 6th, 2015



I co-host this show with Joy Melchezidek.  Okay, we have spirit guides, right?  Animal guides, right?  Do we have dragon guides?  Did dragons even exist at one time?  Like all legends and myths, I believe there is always an original truth and while this show may stretch your beliefs who's to say what exists and doesn't exist.  Joy talks to Linda Gareh Applegate who has learned how to communicate with our dragon spirit guides.  I find it interesting and certainly possible.


Our movies are trying to tell us the truth.  Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, etc.  While much of it leaves it open to interpretation, there is an underlying truth in almost all ancient teachings, there are other realms.  And in these realms exist a number of creatures or beings that may once have walked between 2 worlds and like some of the movies suggest, they went into hiding because things got bad in the physical world.  And what do I mean by "bad", the earth became a place of darkness, but not just that, it also became a place of lies and lost beliefs, all meant to control us.  And by golly, it's worked!  Until now, now the voices that have been silent are speaking up, now they are being heard.




October 14th, 2015


brandaleen.jpgBrandaleen Johnson has been on my show before, we talked about how she's started working with others to develop their gifts.  This week 3 of her students, along with Brandaleen, join me for a unique and interesting show.  Shanda is in contact with angels, Theresa is clairaudient, Stacie is an empath.  Each of these gifted women have their own set of abilities that can be used in helping others. 


Brandaleen really didn't start doing any of this until a few years ago when she moved away from Vegas to Traverse City Michigan, which is just across the lake from where I'm at.  She believes it was moving to a more natural place that allowed her to get in touch with her own gifts.  So can anyone learn how to do what these women do?  Absolutely.






October 8th, 2015


dana.jpgDana Vanenkenvort joins me again this time to talk about his abduction experiences.  Some of you will not think this is real, yet thousands have had similar experiences.  The first book I read about abductions was by Whitley Streiber, Communion.  At first it seems a little scary but like anything the more you dig and research the more answers you find, if we just take the time to listen to others.

Some people have had unpleasant experiences when they were taken.  I have several shows on my site dealing with that.  Check out Jim Maroney and Marilyn Rueben if you want to hear other stories dealing with abductions.  Dana's most recent experience was not pleasant, some even say that the Greys are harming us, or using and abusing us.  Others say that they are totally helping us while we are helping them procreate and bring emotion back into their race.  I know this from talking to Marilyn Rueben, all experiences are different and I've been told the way you react to them will effect how they treat you.  It is both of our opinion's that they are here to help us, as we are them.


Dana's website:  www.spiritualmedium.co



October 3rd, 2015


Like many who listen to this program I grew up with a religious upbringing, I was confirmed in the Lutheran Church.  While I liked some of the teachings a lot of it just didn't speak to my soul.  There were so many things I believed that the church would never approach.  At an early age I believed in reincarnation, I also believed in UFO's.  I never had a heart to heart with him about those topics although he was a good man who I felt in his own mind was doing God's work.  And many associated with churches and  those beliefs are truly good people who are trying to make this a better world.  With that said there are those who are not what they represent and use their pulpits for control, guilt and fear.  The being that's called God from my own experience in only a being of incredible unconditional love.  A being that is always creating, as are we, since we are his/her ultimate creation.  


My friend Andy has been wanting to come on this show and share some of his experiences and beliefs and I am always interested in what others have to say, and what I like about Andy is that he's a thinker and is open minded.  Andy grew up in a Catholic family and has had some unusual experiences pertaining to that, but he also has stepped away from his religious teachings.  He didn't like all the control, guilt and the number of things you had to do in order to be considered a good Catholic.  This is not an attack on Catholics, or any religion, or anyone's beliefs, I am not here to do a show like that.  Instead it is just an open conversation between two friends who are willing to look all possibilities and I find that people of Andy's generation just seem to have an inner knowing that there's something more.  His generation is not afraid to speak their mind clearly while I was told to keep quiet about these things.  


This leads to another question, why are so many now more self aware?  The internet?  Could it also be that we are in a time now where enlightenment is at our fingertips?  Why is that?  From what you've heard from my guests over and over, the veil is lifting, we are becoming more psychic beings. 

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