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Health Revelations From Heaven And Earth

May 25th, 2016



In 1999 Tommy Rosa was killed in a hit and run, at least for a short period of time.  While out of his body he visited a heavenly place and was given many gifts, the gift to heal, to see a persons overall health, and knowledge of what we can do to heal ourselves.  After returning to his body Tommy feels God lined him up with Dr. Stephen Sinatra so they could create an alternative natural health program and write a book together.  The answer was given to Tommy, and it's basically four natural things we need to make ourselves healthy.

What was heaven like?  Did he meet God?  What message was he told?  What awaits all of us?  Like so many who've been on this show before his message is very similar, are all of my guests just copying each other?  Or maybe there truly is a higher truth that hundreds, if not thousands, even millions, are beginning to realize.  Please also check out Tommy's Unicorn foundation that helps kids who face todays health issues like adhd, autism and more.  It may give you a natural option.



May 11th, 2016



My guest for this week is Faye Hueston who talks about her book Invisible Enemy which is about her bouts with chemical poisoning and cancer.  I like hearing other people's natural healing stories, there appears to be more than one way to heal ourselves.  Faye is a well traveled highly educated woman, on the next show we do I'd like to talk about her life story, it's pretty fascinating.  This show is about her route to healing and what she discovered along the way.  Faye is a fascinating and amazing woman.



April 29th, 2016


Dr. Cass Ingram has been on my show more than once, the first time we talked about Oil Of Oreganol P73.  I thought, "Well, maybe this stuff works, I don't know for sure."  So Dr. Ingram sent me some and it sat in our cabinet for at least a year.  Then my wife was complaining of shooting pains near her ear and the only thing I could think of using was the Oil Of Oreganol, we don't have many medications in our medicine cabinet.  It was amazing.  Her pain went away for about two weeks.  When it returned we rubbed a little more on the side of her face, this time it went away for good.  I rarely get colds but when I do I rub a little Oil Of Oreganol on the inside of my nostrils (I wouldn't recommend it, it burns) and more than once my nose sniffles stopped and I had no cold whatsoever the next day.  Pretty remarkable when you think a cold can last for several days, mine was gone in half a day.  So I know that Dr. Ingram is speaking the truth with the products he represents.



This show touches on another product Dr. Ingram is recommending, Hemp Oil or Hemponal.  He goes on to explain how it works with your body and is all natural.  I've heard from others who have healed themselves from cancer using cannabis oil, well according to Dr. Ingram this product is made from natural hemp, not marijuana, but hemp which was a product that was used by our founding fathers for many things until it was destroyed by Hollywood in the movie Reefer Madness.  There were those in competition with hemp wanted to make it appear to be a drug, when in actuality it is superior to rope, paper, and in certain forms can be very beneficial in healing. 

Are you dangerously cannabinoid deficient? Dr. Ingram includes a simple Cannabinoid deficiency self-test on page 89 of his book, The Cannabis Cure. Some of the symptoms which indicate you need to build up your cannabinoid levels are:

  • can't sleep
  • suffering from epilepsy for many years 
  • anxiety or depression
  • taking mood-controlling medications
  • obsessive-compulsive syndrome
  • gets too emotional, fits of rage and/or anger
  • seizures or seizure syndrome
  • tremors
  • schizophrenia
  • rarely eat dark leafy greens
  • alcohol addiction
  • suicidal thoughts

Use this is you wish, I am not guaranteeing anything but I do respect and trust Dr. Ingram.  We are so conditioned to think that drugs are the only answer but we are so misled.





April 8th, 2016


linda-Godfrey.jpgI haven't talked to Linda Godfrey in a while, I was looking at her sight recently and a couple of things caught my eye.  Linda Has become known as one of the foremost investigators of what is called the "dogman" or the "manwolf".  A creature that has been spotted  by many that looks like a german sheppard, or a wolf, and gets up on it's back legs and runs away.  When I first heard of these things years ago I thought it was a joke, after getting to know Linda I realize that rational people are seeing something that can't be easily explained. 

On this show we talk a little about the dogman/manwolf, but also the goatman, Missing 411, ufo's, sasquatch and more.  Linda has a creepy new book coming out called Monsters Among Us.  Linda and I share some experiences and stories we have heard. 

Ready to be freaked out?



March 27th, 2016


My guest this week has written two books, The Secret Of Money and Uncle Sam Cooks The Books.  Andy Gause is a member of American Numismatics Association, in short he studies money.  While Andy may be making an appearance on my show to promote rare coin investments, he also is clearing up some misunderstandings regarding the Federal Reserve.  Who are the Federal Reserve?  What have they been doing that has been creating debt all over the world?  Normally I don't do a show like this but I thought this might be an interesting topic going into an election year.  Who do you support, the guy or gal on the left?  Or the guy on the right?  Again, I would never go down this road because I have no intention of creating division, but my answer is a combination of both.  I like that one candidate on the left who wants to challenge the Federal Reserve and some of our free trade agreements, and I like a couple of things the guy on the right says about unfair trade agreements.  Andy believes high tariffs on incoming goods would create an opportunity for more jobs, jobs which are disappearing because companies are free to leave and hire slave labor in foreign lands and then sell their goods back to the American people.  We had two presidents, one democrat and one republican,  who've  signed two separate trade agreements that have devastated the American worker.


March 9th, 2016



Dr. Rick Sheff claims he came from a family of atheists, many who grow up with a scientific background seem to have a similar belief, why is that?  I know science is based on proof, if there is God then how can you prove it?  Ultimately you can't unless you consider life experiences and the research involving near dear experiences.  What about those that can remember past lives and can pinpoint accurate details?  Many would still probably not consider that evidence.  According to Dr Sheff, each of us lives in a web of belief and we each use it to reinforce our beliefs.  My guest has traveled the world and had countless experiences which he writes about in his new book, Joyfully Shattered- A Physicians Awakening At The Crossroads Of Science And Spirituality.  Dr. Sheff was a dyed-in-the-wool atheist who studied at Oxford and Cornell University and obtained a medical degree at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine.  Dr. Sheff says his quest to scientifically embrace the spiritual nature of existence was launched after witnessing two instances of telepathic communication; one between a father and his dying son, and the other between his own wife and her best friend.  Dr. Sheff also believes there is a scientific paradigm shift taking place where science will move in a spiritual direction.  I've noticed this as well, I've had some very scientific guests on and I've noticed that there is a "shift" in their thinking from what it may have been 10 or 20 years ago. 


Dr. Sheff in his travels has had experiences with John Of God, which I find an interesting coincidence considering I just did a show on John Of God.  Dr. Sheff's wife was healed by John Of God.  The former atheist has turned so completely that he has professed vows as a monk in the Spirit Of Peace interfaith monastic community.  I have some friends who are very scientific in their approach to life and they share their views with me as do I with them, neither of us will probably change the others beliefs, nor is that the goal, but like Dr. Sheff suggests that more and more are beginning to awaken to a different understanding.  This is a major shift in how scientists think.  For me the answer is simple, it is part of the great awakening that has been put forth going back to the first big wave of consciousness that came to the planet in the 1980's and reached a climax in 2012, and that was just the beginning of what is to come.  I think both of us agree that there will come a day when the world will be a much better place when we all embrace that science and spirituality can work together to provide answers.  And there is a love, a love that can't be put into words that many of us have experienced that makes us know there is so much more.  In the end, don't we all need to have a bit of faith in whatever we choose to believe?


Check out Rick Sheff's website and get a free meditation download:




February 18th, 2016



Brandaleen Johnson from Traverse City Michigan joins me this week to talk about her new book, You're Freaking Amazing Life.  Brandaleen has been on the show before, she has many gifts, including teaching others to develop their own inner psychic ability.

Brandaleen's book focuses on how we hold our thoughts and how that affects the law of attraction.  Want a better life?  Stop holding onto the thoughts you have.  Many have written about this subject but what's unique about Brandaleen is that she tells us we need to realize when we are holding onto negative and then change our focus.  This was a fun interview for me because I know that Brandaleen is someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, not that she doesn't take her work seriously, but I always think having a bit of humor makes the world a better place.  Her book sounds interesting, you can check out her site listed below.



February 4th, 2016



If you've never heard of Bruce Gernon and the "Electronic Fog" incident that took place in the 1970's then you've missed an amazing but strange story.  Imagine traveling over the Bermuda Triangle only to encounter something so bizarre it's hard to describe, hard to believe.  Fortunately for Bruce he had his father and a friend with him as witnesses to the event.  What was it?  Bruce called it an "electronic fog" that seemed to follow the plane as they tried to ascend past it.  The fog engulfed the small plane and messed with their instruments and created a bit of a panic.  Towards the end Bruce could see a spiral that was closing and he aimed his plane towards the opening.  What would have happened had they not made it?  Bruce believes they may have perished.  What's even more unusual is that Bruce's plane traveled a distance of several miles in just a few seconds, it was estimated that would have had to been traveling at 3000 miles an hour, which is impossible, or is it?


What did Bruce experience?  A worm hole?  Was it a natural phenomenon or made by someone else?  Could it be the opening and closing of a doorway where others come and go? 


People have disappeared in this area for as long as we've been a nation, even before that.  Perhaps the biggest mystery is that of Flight 19 in 1945 where 5 U.S. Navy Avenger bombers went missing, as did the rescue plane that tried to find them.  Recordings of the pilots make it sound that they were quite confused and their instruments were not working, similar to what Bruce Gernon experienced.


Many believe this to be a doorway where ships from other worlds come and go, if you happen to be there when it's activated you may go down to the bottom of the ocean or you may go to another place altogether.  Is that even possible?  Why not, who are we to say.  Others have reported this anomaly but few have experienced it like Bruce Gernon.


Many years ago, back in the 1980's I read a book called Ramtha, and I listened to cassette tapes, it was in one of those that he spoke of the Bermuda Triangle, he suggested it was a doorway that "aeroships" were using to come check on us.  These doorways exist all over the world, there is one over by Japan that is well known.  There supposedly is one over the Great Lakes.  Bruce has told me he's seen several ufo's in the Bermuda Triangle, none on that fateful day when he had his experience however.  Bruce doesn't rule out the possibility that it's just a natural phenomena that occurs under the right conditions. 


As someone who's lived on Lake Michigan for over 30 years I've heard many a story of ufo's coming and going out of the lake, almost like there is a secret city at the bottom, or maybe some kind of doorway as well.  Kathy Doore wrote about her incident in 1978 when yachting on Lake Michigan, she too experienced an "electronic fog."  Many claim there are more strange incidents over the Great Lakes than over the Bermuda Triangle. 


Bruce may be the luckiest guy alive to have survived what has taken so many others.




January 29th, 2016


The other night I went to an open house that was held by friend Dana Van Enkevort at his new office.  I met some people and I met a man named Jeff whose father disappeared over Lake Michigan, it made me think of the Great Lakes Triangle.  Then as he continued to talk, he told me that two other men were on the plane with him and it was an aha moment.  When I first moved back up here in 1985 there was a woman who worked as our receptionist and she talked about her husband disappearing over Lake Michigan, and she always seemed to think he was still alive even though it had been more than a couple of years.  I wish I would have known then what I know now, and that he possibly could be still alive.  Was her husband one of the men who disappeared with Jeff's father?  That would be a crazy coincidence, wouldn't it?  So I thought of Jeff in doing this show and it's about the different shows I've featured over the years, depending what you're looking for you can look in my archives.  If you're new to my site, here's some of what I feature:


Ufos:  Look for Marilyn Rueben, Jim Mahroney, David Twichell and Gord Heath, Frank Feschino.

Sasquatch and Dogman:  Linda Godfrey, Lisa Shiel, Stan Gordon

Channeling: Roslyn McGrath, Joy Melchezidek

Astrology: Jen Howell

Crystal Skulls, healing, ancient teachings:  Reverend Dr. Phil Delong

Angels:  Reverend Debby Bergeon

Psychics:  Dana Van Enkevort, Sarah Wiggens



January 20th, 2016


georgie.jpgI've known Georgie Holbrook for a number of years now, dating back to when she helped me with a sick friend who was dying from cancer.   I knew that she had her battle with Rosacea and conquered it.  She has been a healer and we've worked together on a few projects over the years.

The other day I got an email from Georgie and she told me she went to see John Of God in Brazil.  About a year ago I did a show with a woman who wrote a book called "Dog of God."  The book was part fiction and part fact, the truth was that this woman who had both of legs severely injured and was told she would never walk again without crutches  . . . would up walking again, she left her crutches behind!  Georgie witnessed similar healings and much more, her real goal in going there was just to learn to become a better healer herself.

Now, how does this all work?  Is this guy for real?  I believe we can be healed using energy, why not, aren't we just energy to begin with?  Of course I've also said we have to heal ourselves, haven't I?  I guess I look to how Jesus did it, or how the Masters Of The Far East performed healings, you raise someone up to your level of consciousness/vibration and they in turn see what's wrong and correct it.  I always believe that the choice is ours, no one can heal us if we don't wish to be healed, but someone who's enlightened can lift us to their level and we then can perceive, even if not consciously, how to respond.  People heal themselves all the time we just don't hear about it.  I once had a guy on my show told me after the interview that he traveled the world and once witnessed a shaman heal someone's broken leg without touching them.  The big question is, do you believe?  Are you open?  Faith and belief can move mountains and create so called miracles.

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