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September 8th, 2017


My friend Art joins me again to talk about Melvin Brown and a few other topics.  Part of the discussion turns to someone Art met that had a father at Roswell during the time of the crash.  Art also discusses why he feels some documents that have been released are not legitimate.


Why were some of those who witnessed the crash and debris sent to the hospital?  What did that memo in General Ramey's hand say about Roswell?  Can it be deciphered? 


Of course the big mystery remains, did Art meet Melvin Brown's son in the early 70's?  Was Mike Brown the son of Melvin Brown?  Art is always seaching and I find it all fascinating...


September 2nd, 2017



This week my good buddy David Twichell joins me to speak about Jim Mars, who recently passed away. Jim has written many books, including Crossfire which was non fiction that became the inspiration for the movie JFK.  Jim was also a contributor to Ancient Aliens. 


David also shares more detail about his own UFO sighting and his sister's abduction.  There are things he told me in this interview that he's never told me before, I think I just didn't ask the right questions. 


Part of the reason I brought David on was to speculate about current events where it appears that someone has interceded with nuclear devastation.  Robert Jacobs talks about the Disclosure Project on the link below.




August 24th, 2017



Often I get emails trying to promote authors or experts, while I appreciate the offers, sometimes I'm busy and I don't always read the email unless it jumps out at me.  I got an email from a guy named Tony and he had 6 or 7 authors that he wanted me to check out.  I looked through the list and what caught my eye was a book called You Are Worthier, A Guide To Improving Your Illness Or Injury On The Road To Recovery.  The author is Jeanette Kildevaeld from Denmark.  As I read more about Jeanette's story I was intrigued.  I was also excited to talk from someone from another country, I love hearing how they live and what their life is like.


Jeanette has a remarkable story to tell, how an accident changed her life for the better.  It got her to look within, and she will tell you that's where she found answers, and she says we all can do that too.  Not only is she a life coach, she appears to be a healer and a medium.  And while I have never met her before or even talked to her, so much of what she said rang true in my soul.  And it's just amazing how people from all over the world are speaking a very similar truth, a universal truth.  And when the two of us spoke, it's like we've known each other from another time.  I feel Jeanette is geniune and truly can help others.  Honestly, I didn't expect that the interview would be like this, I really didn't have any expectations, but I was so incredibly surprised by what she had to say and how it lifted me.  And while news media outlets will not report on this mass awakening, it's happening regardless, and it's just a matter of time before we see incredible changes on our planet.






August 19th, 2017



I've known Dr. Cass Ingram for 6 or 7 years, my first show was about Oil Of Oregano P73, a wild oregano that grows in the Mediterranean.  Because the conditions are just right it is the only place in the world where this incredibly healing product can be found.  After our first interview Dr. Ingram sent me a bottle and it sat in my medicine cabinet for about a year until one night my wife complained about shooting pain in her head.  I rubbed some on the side of her face and the virus was killed.  Poof!  Like magic.  Then when I'd start to  get a  cold it always would stop it dead in its tracks.  Oil of Oregano is the most powerful natural antiseptic that I know of.  It kills viruses without harming your body or the healthy bacteria your body needs.  Antibiotics kill those bacteria and that's why over time they are useless.  


Not long ago Dr. Cass got a tick bite that led to Lyme Disease.  He used Oil of Oregano to heal himself.  In this interview we talk about his journey to healing and many other things including vaccinations and the diseases that have sprung out from them.  I'm  not against vaccinations but I think there is definitely a connection between them and autism, adhd, cancer and other diseases.  When I was a child Lyme Disease didn't  exist, why has it become so prevalent?  Other diseases seem to be at epidemic levels, why is that?  Dr Ingram has some answers and while I admire that he is entertaining and has a good sense of humor I feel he has more knowledge than most and knows what he's talking about.  I trust what he says to be accurate because I've witnessed first hand how Oil Of Oregano P73 can be useful in dealing with many virus related issues.  


August 4th, 2017


The Planet Tram-K is approximately 40 light years from Earth, some say it supports alien life.  This week I will introduce you to one of it's inhabitants... pretty cool stuff!  Not really, Tram-K is K-Mart spelled backwards.  Although I have talked to others who claim they've met with beings from other places.  This weeks show is short, I talk about the passing of Jim Mars, my upcoming shows and Mary Jane.  Do things go better with MJ?  I think it may help some but anytime we use substances to alter perspective...well, we're doing just that, altering perspective.  Also, who the heck is copying my show in Spain, or is it Mexico, or South America?  Below is a link.




July 20th, 2017


Kind of a dumb question, things are always changing, aren't they?  What if you woke up tomorrow and your world completely changed, how would you react?  What if you found out that some of your great truths were a bunch of lies, how would that effect you?  Would you crumble?  I don't think you would.  We are adaptive beings.  What if you found out religion wasn't what you thought it was?  What if you found out that we are being visited by beings from worlds and dimensions?  Most of you who read this probably are pretty open anyway so it's not a big deal.  But for many it would be, wouldn't it? 


So this week I talk about "the Plan" that some claim is moving forward as expected and that we are real close to massive changes, massive arrests, massive truth coming forward.  Do you believe we've been visited for a long time?  Well part of this plan is to disclose that contact that many claim our government's are well aware of.  Some witnesses have come forward saying our government made an agreement with some of the visiters dating back to Roswell.  They gave us technology in return we allowed them to take our people, although we really couldn't stop them if we tried.  That is just one race visiting us, there are many.


I think all of us would be excited for positive changes, well, except for those who wish to continue to keep things the way they are.  And many might be afraid because their teachings have told them that it's part of a judgement day, or whatever, and anything that isn't what they tell you is not of God.  So they keep us in fear.  When in truth I believe there are beings that are physical and non physical that have been working from a higher vibration and love to move us forward gradually so that Earth becomes a place that it was intended to be, a heaven on Earth.  A place where God will no longer be a mystery, where we will be able to use our brains to full capacity to transmit and to receive higher thought, aplace where there will be no limitations.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.


July 7th, 2017


I was talking with a woman last weekend and she told me about a dragonfly and thought it was a sign from her sister. It got me thinking about talking about signs and maybe getting others to share stories.  Feel free to contact me if you have a story you want to share, you don't have to come on the show unless you want to.  I can just read your story if you want.  I have to believe most of us have had some kind of sign from the other side, or from God, or from angels or guides.



In this show I share some obvious signs I've had in my life, these signs leave no question as to who was behind them.  Many of the signs I get are from birds, but other animals as well, sometimes butterflies, one time I thought I had a sign from a fly.  Sometimes it's an inatimate object.  There is a book that I think is really great at explaining animal signs, it's called Animal Speak.  Have a joyful week!  I posted Ted Andrew's book below.




June 23rd, 2017


My buddy Art joins me from Florida for our final conversation about Roswell witness Melvin Brown.  In our previous shows you may recall Art met Mike Brown in the 6th grade and some of the things the boy said changed Art's world forever.  Although Mike never said his father was Melvin Brown, he did say his dad served on a base where he witnessed a crashed ufo and bodies.  Mike almost begged Art to meet his father and hear what when he had to say.  When Art did go to the home the father never introduced  himself and barely acknowledged Art.  Art met Mike's two Brittish sisters, both of whom later would speak about their father and his experience with a crashed ufo.  Yet both would deny ever being in the states and meeting Art.  Several years later Art met up with Mike again and he denied ever saying the things he did in 6th grade.  Obviously all of this served a purpose to light a fire in Art to investigate and seek answers.  So in this final show we delve into Melvin Brown's military career and Art is releasing some documents that he has uncovered over the years.  Like I said before, when Art first told me this story I asked him to tell it on my show.  He felt he couldn't until he could get solid evidence, well that will probably never happen but if this was a civil trial and it was based on circumstantial evidence, I think there'd be enough to support what Art has to say.  Judge for yourself.  If you know anything about Melvin Brown, Mike Brown, or the Browns, feel free to contact us.  Below are Melvin Brown's military records.  In the end, I take away that Melvin served his country with honor and was involved in many amazing events.  Like all of us, he was human and may have made some choices that he regretted.  I am glad Art finally told this story, I always find it fascinating to hear about history and it makes me wonder how much gets lost or covered up.


To the listeners and researchers:  We believe these docs have never been shown before, anywhere.  If you have seen these docs shown above in any publication please contact us with the title and source.  Thank You.


June 12th, 2017


Recently the CBS morning news had Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner on tv, each is close to 90 years of age or older.  It made me think, Bob Hope lived to a ripe old age, George Burns lived even longer, what did they all have in common.  Now this show really isn't about living longer, but more towards living healthier.  You've probably heard me talk about natural health products, there are so many.  Ultimately, I think our attitude towards life probably means more than anything.  Maybe my whole point of this show is that when we live connected to Source, God, we are healthier and when we break away from that we can get a dis-ease.  All of these men believe in laughter, not taking themselves too seriously, having a purpose and loving what they are doing.  Some felt it was important to have someone you that truly loved you by your side.


Also, Allison Farley joins me on my show, she just walked in while I was recording this and I wanted to get her take on a few different subjects, including The Secret, which she seemed to enjoy.


Can we listen to certain types of music that can heal our cells?  Reseach has shown that certain types of classical music can affect our health and productivity.  Were people like Mozart or Beethoven tapping into a higher vibrational form of music?  Some that have had near death experiences have described hearing music similar to classical.  Below is a link that archangel Metatron suggests can help heal, a version of Ode To Joy




May 6th, 2017


My friend Art from Florida joins me again talking about the Kinross Incident, UFO investigator Donald Keyhoe, and a more in depth look at Melvin Brown who served at Roswell in 1947. 


Kinross was an event that took place in 1953 over Lake Superior where a fighter jet was scrambled from Kinross A.F.B. to intercept an unknown craft that had appeared to be the Sault Locks and then made it's way out over the lake.  Pilot Eugene Moncla and radar operator Robert Wilson were sent out to investigate, they never returned home.  More than one radar operator reported that the jet seemed to "merge" with this unknown craft.  After the event there seemed to be a military cover up blaming a Canadian transport plane.  The Canadian government said they had no planes in the area.  No wreckage was ever found.


Donald Keyhoe was a former Marine and a non UFO believer until he started investigating UFO sightings.  He went on to become the most repected investigator of his time and he spent time on the Kinross Incident.  Some of you may say, "So what?"  Well, every movement has an origin, and it always takes a pioneer who's ahead or his or her time to lay the groundwork.  So I feel by not remembing Donald Keyhoe and others we may loose sight of the truths they've uncovered.  Often those who choose a path of truth will never see it come to fruition in their lifetime.  Often they will be ridiculed and thought of as "wacked" by the majority of the populous.  So be it, I honor them.


In this show we're going to delve a little further into who Melvin Brown revealing research that Art has dug up on Melvin's military records.  So we continue to explore the mystery within the mystery.


Below is an interview of Donald Keyhoe with Mike Wallace from 1958.  Major Keyhoe is well spoken and knowledgeable.  In his lifetime Mike Wallace was a well respected reporter but it appears to me that Wallace had an agenda he was following.  He kept asking why the Air Force would lie to the American public?  I find it hard to believe that a national and world reporter could be that naive.  We forget that all of our news outlets are businesses that are out to make a profit.  I have never really watched much about Major Keyhoe but now I see a man who truly was trying to step forward with reliable witness testimony and alert the public only to be met with denial and a press that appeared to side with the military and government.  





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