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December 8th, 2017


Many of you are new listeners to my podcast, thank you to many of you who've shared part of your journey with me.  This week I return to speaking with a channel.  Some of you may not be familiar with that term.  A channel is someone who allows another being to speak through them, we do this to gain truth and knowledge on a number of topics.  This is always done out of love and light, never will you hear me endorse anything other than light.  My dear soul sister Joy Melchezidek has been wanting to speak with Morgan Le Fay, the woman from the King Arthur Legends.  I've learned to trust whatever Joy wants to bring forward because it is always from a place of love and there is always a deeper message for all.


To be honest, prior to this interview I knew very little of Morgan, I know very little of King Arthur other than some childhood stories and the movie First Knight with Richard Gere.  I know that I've always been drawn to that time period and maybe after this show I know why, I lived it.  A couple of weeks ago I read an article about John F Kennedy being a part of the King Arthur story in a previous life, that is why they referred to his presidency as Camelot.  A couple of years ago Joy channeled JFK and at the time I didn't realize why, now it makes sense to me thanks to what Morgan talks about in this show. 


It is said that there is a bit of truth in all legends.  Could King Arthur be more than a legend?  Was Morgan Le Fay a real person, was she a villian as portrayed in legends?  After speaking with Morgan, I took away from this interview that she is a strong and compassionate being who is here to speak the truth and anchor the Divine Feminine.  I am of the belief that there was a time when women were complete equals and several thousand years ago an agreement was made to allow the Earth to become a partriachal society.  The Divine Feminine left, and now what we're seeing is the return of the Divine Feminine and this is being done to balance out the Divine Masculine, to return this planet to a place of love, peace and compassion.  We've been ruled by wars for so long, controlled by others, and enslaved into our limited beliefs.  Even though it appears that things are horrible in the world today, there are many things that go unreported about the great strides that are being made to change things.  People are waking up all over the world and demanding change, often it is led by women because generally they are more in tune with higher consciousness.  Please welcome my dear friend Joy and apparently another dear friend from another time, Morgan Le Fay.


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November 20th, 2017


Diane Illikainen is a teacher from Autrain-Onota school in Michigan's upper peninsula.  Diane reached out to our group of radio stations to help her get some promotion so she could have a chance to win $5000 for her school in an online voting competition created by Shopko.  I looked at the other teachers competing against her and Diane was from the least populated area, many would feel the odds would not be in her favor.  Then I remembered how there was another online competition not too long ago regarding Marquette Michigan and people voting to try to win money for improvements to Lakeview Arena...and they won.  Everyone came together like I've so often witnessed before in this area.  Diane received notification that she too had won, now how can that be?  Well, it's hard to explain if you are listening to this from another part of the country, or the world, and maybe you don't feel connected to those around you.  It is about community, people watching out for each other and helping each other.  That's one of the things that makes the U.P. of Michigan special, besides all of the natural surroundings.  I think it's also how we all are intended to live and maybe in some parts of the world we've lost sight of that.  And like my friend from Africa once told me, "It is all about community."


So when I heard Diane won I wanted to share her story and let others know there are plenty of good people and good stories out there, the world is not as it seems according to the news agencies.  There are many incredible people who lead ordinary lives and once in a while inspire others to become part of their journey.


November 3rd, 2017



With Veteran's Day just around the corner I got an email asking if I'd be interested in interviewing Robert Fowler and talk about his book "The Gun Club-The U.S.S. Duncan At Cape Esperance."  Now, normally this in not a subject I'd have on my podcast, even though I am always curious and would probably talk to anyone about almost anything.  But when I went to Robert's website the story grabbed me right away.


This is the story of Robert Fowler Sr, the author's father who fought and died in World War Two.  Immediately I felt a connection, not from having a family member in the war, well at least not on this side of the Atlantic.  My connection was that my Mother was from Germany and my grandmother, a woman I never met, died after an American bomber dumped his remaining bombs on a shelter in Manheim that took the lives of all of those who were just trying to survive.  War is Hell, it should never be glorified and I'm not here to do that.  I'm also not sore that my grandmother was killed during that event, all things happen for a reason.  My mother was never bitter towards the Americans for what happened, it was war as she would often say, three years after the German surrender she would marry a G.I. and move to the states. 


There are so many forgotten stories that have slipped away into the past.  There are so many souls that gave their life for what they believed in.  Each has a story and for some reason I am drawn to hear those stories and to pick out little gems if I can.  I asked Robert if he ever felt his dad's presence while writing this book and he felt that was a possibility.  I asked Robert if he was sad that he never got to know his father and to my surprise he wasn't, and I am grateful that he spoke his truth and said "I never got to know him so it didn't bother me."  How honest.  Many would have used that question to further their agenda.  So I find Robert to be a very honest man who tried to document a forgotten story from World War Two.  For me, this interview isn't about the battle, but more about the lives that interacted with each other in a time of complete chaos.  And the real kicker for me is Robert's journey to rediscover his own father through the stories of others whom he met fourty years after his father died in a battle that was largely forgotten.  From my perspective, and I certainly could be wrong, I sense Robert's father was around him through every step of this process of rediscovery and this was done in love and became healing for Robert and all of his father's buddys that served on the U.S.S. Duncan. 


This may not be for my typical listeners, so listen at your own discretion.  I actually really enjoyed talking to Robert, it was like stepping back into time and being a silent observer.  I have great appreciation for those who've made sacrifices, not just from the United States, but from all parts of the world.  And I'm not talking just about war, but also those who stood up and died for what they believed in and were truly serving others.  I honor all of them. 




October 18th, 2017


Brenda Meadows joins me this week to talk about a few different things and answer a caller's questions.  Angela talks about her gifted daughter and the challenges she faces and whether or not she should move to another place that would suit the family better.  I like that Brenda didn't tell Angela what to do because in the end it really is an individual choice and we must allow others to come to that. 


Brenda is a gifted psychic/medium who I've worked with in the past.  She also has her on take on what is going on with global warming.  Something you won't hear is the reading she did for me after the show.  I didn't ask her but she just started telling me about my grandmother, a woman I barely knew.  Brenda nailed her, she was spot on.  Then she told me about an elderly high energy being, it was my second mom Susan who passed away about a year ago and was on my mind recently.  So nice to get that message from Susan and it totally makes sense that she showed up since I'd been thinking about her.  Finally, Brenda said she was being shown 3 crystals that represented 3 obstacles that I overcame in my life.  I agreed with 2 of them and had to think about the third one, after contemplating I realized she was exactly right on her assessment.  Brenda also did a brief reading for a co worker and nailed that as well. 


I remember when Brenda started doing readings and was a little concerned about trusting the information she was given.  I think all psychic/mediums go through that.  Now I see how she is confident in what she says and her accuracy is pretty amazing.  Thank you Brenda for being my guest.










September 26th, 2017


I really enjoy listening to audio from James Tyberonn when he channels archangel Metatron.  Each month I'll get a couple emails regarding new material Metatron talks about.  The most recent was a post about global warming and like I've heard from him, as well as others, it may not quite be what we think.  I think almost anything we get from media is probably altered in one way or another whether it's on the left or on the right. 


For years I've heard, "Everything happens for a reason."  And another one is, "Nothing is by accident."  Metatron suggests that each of us is here for our own reason, our own journey.  Some of us come here for a short time, others for longer lives.  Some come here to make great changes, some just want to coast this time around.  Even what appears to be tragedy is part of a bigger plan, you often see how everyone comes together when things like this happen and those that lost their life may have chosen this so that they could bring others together.  And why?  To bring more love to a place that needs it.


Are we responsible for global warming or the increase of natural disasters?  Yes, but according to Metatron we cause more damage with our negative energy than anything we do.  The Earth has to take in all of that energy and then release it, just like we do with our bodies when we get a build up of toxins.  And if you know how your body works, you realize thoughts are probably as toxic as anything.  Metatron opened my eyes a bit when he said that "Global warming must take place, it is the Earth evolving, and it will happen, it is not a bad thing.  There will be more natural disasters but we can change that by becoming more loving and help the planet as it evolves."  I'm paraphrasing, you can check it out for yourself at the link below.





September 8th, 2017


My friend Art joins me again to talk about Melvin Brown and a few other topics.  Part of the discussion turns to someone Art met that had a father at Roswell during the time of the crash.  Art also discusses why he feels some documents that have been released are not legitimate.


Why were some of those who witnessed the crash and debris sent to the hospital?  What did that memo in General Ramey's hand say about Roswell?  Can it be deciphered? 


Of course the big mystery remains, did Art meet Melvin Brown's son in the early 70's?  Was Mike Brown the son of Melvin Brown?  Art is always seaching and I find it all fascinating...


September 2nd, 2017



This week my good buddy David Twichell joins me to speak about Jim Mars, who recently passed away. Jim has written many books, including Crossfire which was non fiction that became the inspiration for the movie JFK.  Jim was also a contributor to Ancient Aliens. 


David also shares more detail about his own UFO sighting and his sister's abduction.  There are things he told me in this interview that he's never told me before, I think I just didn't ask the right questions. 


Part of the reason I brought David on was to speculate about current events where it appears that someone has interceded with nuclear devastation.  Robert Jacobs talks about the Disclosure Project on the link below.




August 24th, 2017



Often I get emails trying to promote authors or experts, while I appreciate the offers, sometimes I'm busy and I don't always read the email unless it jumps out at me.  I got an email from a guy named Tony and he had 6 or 7 authors that he wanted me to check out.  I looked through the list and what caught my eye was a book called You Are Worthier, A Guide To Improving Your Illness Or Injury On The Road To Recovery.  The author is Jeanette Kildevaeld from Denmark.  As I read more about Jeanette's story I was intrigued.  I was also excited to talk from someone from another country, I love hearing how they live and what their life is like.


Jeanette has a remarkable story to tell, how an accident changed her life for the better.  It got her to look within, and she will tell you that's where she found answers, and she says we all can do that too.  Not only is she a life coach, she appears to be a healer and a medium.  And while I have never met her before or even talked to her, so much of what she said rang true in my soul.  And it's just amazing how people from all over the world are speaking a very similar truth, a universal truth.  And when the two of us spoke, it's like we've known each other from another time.  I feel Jeanette is geniune and truly can help others.  Honestly, I didn't expect that the interview would be like this, I really didn't have any expectations, but I was so incredibly surprised by what she had to say and how it lifted me.  And while news media outlets will not report on this mass awakening, it's happening regardless, and it's just a matter of time before we see incredible changes on our planet.






August 19th, 2017



I've known Dr. Cass Ingram for 6 or 7 years, my first show was about Oil Of Oregano P73, a wild oregano that grows in the Mediterranean.  Because the conditions are just right it is the only place in the world where this incredibly healing product can be found.  After our first interview Dr. Ingram sent me a bottle and it sat in my medicine cabinet for about a year until one night my wife complained about shooting pain in her head.  I rubbed some on the side of her face and the virus was killed.  Poof!  Like magic.  Then when I'd start to  get a  cold it always would stop it dead in its tracks.  Oil of Oregano is the most powerful natural antiseptic that I know of.  It kills viruses without harming your body or the healthy bacteria your body needs.  Antibiotics kill those bacteria and that's why over time they are useless.  


Not long ago Dr. Cass got a tick bite that led to Lyme Disease.  He used Oil of Oregano to heal himself.  In this interview we talk about his journey to healing and many other things including vaccinations and the diseases that have sprung out from them.  I'm  not against vaccinations but I think there is definitely a connection between them and autism, adhd, cancer and other diseases.  When I was a child Lyme Disease didn't  exist, why has it become so prevalent?  Other diseases seem to be at epidemic levels, why is that?  Dr Ingram has some answers and while I admire that he is entertaining and has a good sense of humor I feel he has more knowledge than most and knows what he's talking about.  I trust what he says to be accurate because I've witnessed first hand how Oil Of Oregano P73 can be useful in dealing with many virus related issues.  


August 4th, 2017


The Planet Tram-K is approximately 40 light years from Earth, some say it supports alien life.  This week I will introduce you to one of it's inhabitants... pretty cool stuff!  Not really, Tram-K is K-Mart spelled backwards.  Although I have talked to others who claim they've met with beings from other places.  This weeks show is short, I talk about the passing of Jim Mars, my upcoming shows and Mary Jane.  Do things go better with MJ?  I think it may help some but anytime we use substances to alter perspective...well, we're doing just that, altering perspective.  Also, who the heck is copying my show in Spain, or is it Mexico, or South America?  Below is a link.



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