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November 6th, 2015

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I co-host this show with Joy Melchezidek.  Okay, we have spirit guides, right?  Animal guides, right?  Do we have dragon guides?  Did dragons even exist at one time?  Like all legends and myths, I believe there is always an original truth and while this show may stretch your beliefs who's to say what exists and doesn't exist.  Joy talks to Linda Gareh Applegate who has learned how to communicate with our dragon spirit guides.  I find it interesting and certainly possible.


Our movies are trying to tell us the truth.  Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, etc.  While much of it leaves it open to interpretation, there is an underlying truth in almost all ancient teachings, there are other realms.  And in these realms exist a number of creatures or beings that may once have walked between 2 worlds and like some of the movies suggest, they went into hiding because things got bad in the physical world.  And what do I mean by "bad", the earth became a place of darkness, but not just that, it also became a place of lies and lost beliefs, all meant to control us.  And by golly, it's worked!  Until now, now the voices that have been silent are speaking up, now they are being heard.




October 14th, 2015

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Brandaleen Johnson has been on my show before, we talked about how she's started working with others to develop their gifts.  This week 3 of her students, along with Brandaleen, join me for a unique and interesting show.  Shanda is in contact with angels, Theresa is clairaudient, Stacie is an empath.  Each of these gifted women have their own set of abilities that can be used in helping others. 


Brandaleen really didn't start doing any of this until a few years ago when she moved away from Vegas to Traverse City Michigan, which is just across the lake from where I'm at.  She believes it was moving to a more natural place that allowed her to get in touch with her own gifts.  So can anyone learn how to do what these women do?  Absolutely.






October 8th, 2015

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dana.jpgDana Vanenkenvort joins me again this time to talk about his abduction experiences.  Some of you will not think this is real, yet thousands have had similar experiences.  The first book I read about abductions was by Whitley Streiber, Communion.  At first it seems a little scary but like anything the more you dig and research the more answers you find, if we just take the time to listen to others.

Some people have had unpleasant experiences when they were taken.  I have several shows on my site dealing with that.  Check out Jim Maroney and Marilyn Rueben if you want to hear other stories dealing with abductions.  Dana's most recent experience was not pleasant, some even say that the Greys are harming us, or using and abusing us.  Others say that they are totally helping us while we are helping them procreate and bring emotion back into their race.  I know this from talking to Marilyn Rueben, all experiences are different and I've been told the way you react to them will effect how they treat you.  It is both of our opinion's that they are here to help us, as we are them.


Dana's website:  www.spiritualmedium.co



October 3rd, 2015

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Like many who listen to this program I grew up with a religious upbringing, I was confirmed in the Lutheran Church.  While I liked some of the teachings a lot of it just didn't speak to my soul.  There were so many things I believed that the church would never approach.  At an early age I believed in reincarnation, I also believed in UFO's.  I never had a heart to heart with him about those topics although he was a good man who I felt in his own mind was doing God's work.  And many associated with churches and  those beliefs are truly good people who are trying to make this a better world.  With that said there are those who are not what they represent and use their pulpits for control, guilt and fear.  The being that's called God from my own experience in only a being of incredible unconditional love.  A being that is always creating, as are we, since we are his/her ultimate creation.  


My friend Andy has been wanting to come on this show and share some of his experiences and beliefs and I am always interested in what others have to say, and what I like about Andy is that he's a thinker and is open minded.  Andy grew up in a Catholic family and has had some unusual experiences pertaining to that, but he also has stepped away from his religious teachings.  He didn't like all the control, guilt and the number of things you had to do in order to be considered a good Catholic.  This is not an attack on Catholics, or any religion, or anyone's beliefs, I am not here to do a show like that.  Instead it is just an open conversation between two friends who are willing to look all possibilities and I find that people of Andy's generation just seem to have an inner knowing that there's something more.  His generation is not afraid to speak their mind clearly while I was told to keep quiet about these things.  


This leads to another question, why are so many now more self aware?  The internet?  Could it also be that we are in a time now where enlightenment is at our fingertips?  Why is that?  From what you've heard from my guests over and over, the veil is lifting, we are becoming more psychic beings. 


September 22nd, 2015

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I don't know about you but something is going on this month.  I haven't been able to sleep since the start of it.  I wake up at midnight, or 1, or 2 am, and I have a tough time going back to sleep.  Stress?  No I don't think so.  My body has felt different too, what the heck is going on?  Many are saying we are getting bombarded with gamma rays and other celestial energies.  Is this having an effect on us?  I think so.  Some are pointing to September 28th as a day of potential big change, what may happen?  Some say it will be a day of ascension, some say it will a day of great chaos, what once was will no longer be.  Are we talking total collapse?  Some may believe that, I don't.  There are so many sources out there, who do you trust?  I trust the ones that don't add to the fear and chaos, we need to remember that even where there appears to be truth there is disinformation.  Fear has been a ruling factor of this planet for so long, it literally feeds certain beings.  So what is going on with the planet?  And with us?  Most I talk to will agree we are going through a spiritual change, an evolutional change, it has been a prophecy foretold by the ancients. 

On short notice Jen Howell came in to talk what we can expect from all of these solar flares pounding us, and all of the astrological signs effecting us.  In short, don't panic, it's not the end, it's all part of the great shift that is pushing us towards greater self love.  Thank you Jen.




September 18th, 2015

Thank you Tricia for sharing this with me.  I find it hard to believe that we lived as we were told by our historians.  I like to watch those shows like Dual Survivor, or Naked And Afraid, and you realize how difficult it is for people to survive without modern conveniences.  How possibly did our ancestors survive?  Many believe that we once lived more in harmony with the planet, we had greater knowledge than we do now on treating dis-ease.  We were more psychic and in harmony with our surroundings.  The following video shows what's happened to many of the ancient indigenous peoples, how so much of what they knew was destroyed.  Was it deliberate?  I have no doubt.  Why?  Control.  Keep the lies going, keep us in the dark.  It matters not, we are returning to what we once knew, we are remembering.  Have you noticed this?





Medium Dana VanEnkevort

September 2nd, 2015

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 dana.jpgMy guest has been a medium in this area for 3 years and yet we've never met.  Well, apparently the universe decided it was time, thank you universe.  Dana VanEnkevort is a gifted medium/psychic who has seen dead people for as long as he can remember.  Dana will share this week how he communicates with spirit, but also how he feels it's part of his greater path to bring comfort and compassion to those still dealing with loss. 


Having some spirit problems?  Dana has dealt with that a fair amount as well.  I've heard of many who've had spirit issues, it almost seems like an epidemic, feel free to contact Dana via Facebook regardless of what you think is messing with you. 


Dana is a cool guy, a gentle vibration who truly enjoys helping others.


August 3rd, 2015

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The other day they were doing a show on bridge disasters and they talked about the disaster that took place in Point Pleasant West Virginia in 1967.  Now this show never mentioned the Mothman, or the movie with Richard Gere, but it happened none the less.  The following is a rebroadcast of part of documentary of the Mothman incident.  You'll  hear eye witness reports of what happened and unlike the movie, there was much more that happened that wasn't part of the movie.  I always wondered why? 

What was this creature that people saw in 1966 in Point Pleasant?  Have these beings been seen elsewhere?  Are they here to warn us of some upcoming event?  Is there more to this story than what we're being told?  There always is.


July 17th, 2015

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A couple of weeks ago it was International UFO day, I asked a poll on the air.  Then I posted it on Facebook and got a few responses, about half the people said they believed in ufo's and the other half didn't.  Well, for just a few responses that was pretty accurate considering the national poll, about 50 percent believe.  So if they do exist, what are they doing here?  Will they ever make contact?  Maybe they already have.  Is there a cover up going on?  I look back at some of my own experiences and my guests experiences on this show.

Missing 411

June 26th, 2015

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An author, David Paulides, has written four books about mysterious disappearances in the United States, some of them are quite bizarre, several have common characteristics.

Some of the disappearances have take place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where I'm from.  What could be going on?  Is there a portal or vortex opening up?  If so, where are these people going?  Is there a cover up in our national parks? 

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