• October 30th, 2014

ROBANDTRISHSYNCHRONICITY.jpg  I've chatted with Rob and Trish MacGregor before, they are friends of Bruce Gernon, Rob co wrote Bruce's book The Fog.  The Fog is the true story of Bruce Gernon's survival of a mysterious electronic fog in the Bermuda Triangle.  The MacGregor's have written several books and I found The Synchronicity Highway interesting considering it details well known events and how they are so connected.  Rob mentions that there was a fictional book called The Wreck Of The Titan, a book that wound up being very similar to what happened to the Titanic.  The Wreck Of The Titan was written 14 years before the sinking of the Titantic.  Was the author tapping into the future?  Also, close to 800 people rejected taking the maiden voyage on the Titanic, did they sense something? 

ROBANDTRISHBUMP1.jpg  Just in time for Halloween, the other book we'll talk about is Bump In The Night.  These are a collection of true stories that will surprise you.  Rob and Trish do their homework and their website features a collection of their work, fictional and non fiction.  I really enjoy talking to these two enlightened open minded souls, they've been researching for years and they have uncovered many fascinating stories!

Listen Now:

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• October 22nd, 2014

robin.jpgWhen a celebrity dies we often are touched like we've lost a family member.  After Robin Williams passed many were touched, many were talking and we couldn't understand why.  I always think there is so much more to a life than we can even begin to realize, usually those in the public eye have chosen to be there to make a greater impact and bring forth understandings and lessons.  Right after Robin died I kept getting, "He has more to say."  So that's why Joy and I decided to do a show where we channel Robin.  Right after he passed Joy felt his spirit around her.  Many have had dreams where he's shown up.  We also feel a connection to Joan Rivers, she's going to show up in this session.  And there are some surprises, including John Belushi.   Now, I vaguely remember him working with Robin and I assume they were friends, but at the time we did this interview I forgot how they were so connected.  Robin had been partying with John the night he overdosed.  It all made sense, now I understand why John showed up.  And there were a couple of other celebrities to stop by including Lauren Becall and Clark Gable.  Each has something to say.  For me, it was like speaking to each of these divine souls and while we may remember them a certain way, in spirit they all are serving and bringing love.  At our core, we are all the same.  Robin also speaks of wanting to bring awareness to those who take their own lives, to not judge and have compassion.  While not all souls are coming back right after they pass, it appears Robin Williams is making an effort to bring more laughter, love, and light to all of us.  Perhaps you have seen him?  This week's show is a co hosted effort with Joy Melchezidek and also featured on Joy Of Union.  Thanks to sister Joy for sharing her incredible gifts.

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• October 15th, 2014

This week, thanks to Brenda Meadows, I was going to speak to Lisa Pawlas from New Mexico.  Unfortunately Lisa was having phone issues, so perhaps we can record a new show next week.  You can check out Lisa's website at:

I went to Lisa's website and on one of the pages there was reference to Time Travel And The Magnetic Grid Of Creation.  In that same category was a subject dealing with:  The 15 Versions Of Any Given Story.  Recently Brenda had told me she had seen me as a southern soldier in the Civil War, which supports what some others have told me, and then there are those who've said I was a northerner.  So which one is it?  Both.  If there are at least 15 versions of our current story playing out (and I'm thinking there might be a lot more than that) the I'm sure I experienced that moment from both sides.  Is that possible?  It would at least answer why some see me as north and others as south.

Next week Joy and I are going to channel Robin Williams, in essence we already did, the show has been pre-recorded.  For me, it was just amazing.  Robin has much to say, all of it is from a point of love.  What we didn't expect was some of the others well know figures who came through.  Recently a friend told me she had Robin show up in a dream and just smile at her.  During our interview Robin admitted he has been doing that.  After we did this interview I did some research on one of beings that showed up who claimed to be a really good friend of Robin's, he died over 30 years ago.  Now it all makes sense.  Any guesses on who that is?  I've leave it at that until next week.

Also, I go into a little more on my experiment with the 528 hertz frequency and how it's affected me.  So far, so good!  Ploy!

One more thing, I got a call from a woman who I haven't spoken to in a long time.  She's been in the abyss.  She told me she couldn't deal with the loss of her son and was given "medications" to help her cope.  Medications?  More like drugs.  She's been in a zombie like state for over a year and was going down hill fast.  She became addicted.  Whoever came up with the idea that it is better to numb ourselves than to deal with the ups and downs of life?  How can doctors prescribe these drugs knowing the potential outcome?  I've heard this from so many people.  My friend chose to quit all of the drugs cold turkey, she said it was 5 rough days but she made it.  I wonder how many others are going through similar circumstances.  Perhaps my friend will come on and do a show about her experience.  As a patient, stand up for yourself, there may be alternative natural medicines, don't believe everything the guy with diploma tells you, take back your power! 

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• October 7th, 2014

revdrphil.jpgReverend Dr. Phil Delong, a Psychic Medium and Mystic joins me this week from just outside Daytona Beach, Florida. I got to know about Phil from my good friend Frank Feschino.  Frank has been healed by Phil.  So on this weeks show we cover many topics:  Phil's near death experience that changed his life.  Lemuria and Atlantis.  The Christ Consciousness.  Past and Future Lives.  The Anunnaki.  The healing power of the 528 hertz, which I've experienced for myself.  Plus Phil is a Crystal Skull caretaker and explains what he believes to be the purpose of the skulls.


  Phil strikes me as a very down to earth guy who truly is out to help others.  Through his Guides, he uses his psychic gifts to connect to spirit to bring through your loved ones and guides for the messages you need.  Phil has been attuned to crystals and Metaphysics since early childhood, and is an ordained minister through the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, and also received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Lively Stones Fellowship.

His website:

528 hertz you tube link:

Listen Now:

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• October 2nd, 2014


Often I find those that have "chosen" to be healers in this lifetime have gone through a rough road.  Why?  Some would say it's because it makes them more compassionate.  Perhaps.  Mary Reed has faced some difficulties and perhaps her experiences were to help her write her book.  Mary is a sweet southern gal from West Virginia who joins Joy and I on our collaboration of Joy Of Union.

Marys site:

Also if you're intersted we started doing this 7pm light grace wave that we're sending to the Earth, what can it hurt? 


Listen Now:

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• September 26th, 2014

braxtoncountymonsterrevised.jpg At least once a year I talk to Frank Feschino about the biggest ufo event to ever hit the United States.  Many of you have never heard of this event.  It has been covered up, many of the witnesses have passed away, and over time it would have been forgotten had one man been on a mission to bring the story forward.  Frank Feschino has been relentless for the last 22 years in turning up every stone to uncover the truth.  Frank is a thorough guy, all of what he talks about is documented by eyewitness testimony and government documents, including Project Bluebook. 

What happened?  In September of 1952 a group of boys were playing football near a school in the town of Flatwoods West Virginia when they spotted what they thought was a meteorite that appeared to land in an area not far away.  A group, including 2 adults, went to investigate and were shocked at what they saw.  This was just the tip of the iceberg, for on that same evening there were thousands of reports that came in on numerous sightings, it was the biggest ufo wave we've ever seen.  Frank has been able to piece it all together, the flight path of the ufo's, the military's response, etc. 

To me the bigger question is:  Why were they here?  We delve into that possible answer and share a couple of other cool projects that Frank has been working on.  And the main reason for doing this week's show, to remember those who had the courage to speak the truth when their government and media didn't support them.


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• September 19th, 2014

Brenda.jpgThere are a lot of terms that are being thrown around in this time of change.  Light Workers, Light Warriors, Soldiers of Light, etc. My guest this week, Brenda Meadows, considers herself a Light Warrior/Soul-dier Of Light.  What exactly is that?  As I stated in my most recent show, many of us believe we are here now at this unique point in time to be part of the great change that is in the process of taking place.  Many of us feel we "signed up" for this opportunity to experience and assist in this change.  Many of us feel we that when you challenge the status quo you need to have a warrior mentality, not one of violence, but one of divine love, courage and determination.  If there are forces that are not to happy with this "change", then they will do everything in their power to create chaos, which we see now.  Brenda also feels the time is now, and like many that have been on my show, it took her a while to step forward and admit her gifts and now the next step is to put them into use. 

What really happened in this interview?  First, let me say, I never try to edit anything during an interview, I feel that it would be a misrepresentation of what I do.  On the other hand, if someone is not happy with the interview, I always tell them we can edit or not even use the interview if they choose.  So during this interview you will hear a rare moment in broadcasting, you will hear me tell Brenda that we can edit out a segment.  In the end, we chose not to edit and we had an incredible moment.   I had asked Brenda if she saw anyone around me.  She told me of an older man named Randolph.   I do not know of a Randolph, perhaps a relative I'm not aware of.  So this is Brenda's first interview and she's thinking I'm going to think she's not a very good psychic for not having someone come through that I would know.  Maybe she's a hack?  Far from it, I never doubted her for a second.  I know how it works, I've seen it many times before.  The message was for SOMEONE ELSE!   So Brenda and I had set up a time to do an interview until 1pm, after that I had another appointment to work on a commercial with Jayne.  Jayne manages a local business.  As Brenda was leaving and almost all the way down the stairs, "something" told me to ask Jayne if she knew of a Randolph, her jaw hit the floor.  The message was for her.  I yelled out to Brenda and she came back upstairs and she began speaking with Jayne, it was incredible to witness.  It was such a joy to be a part of.  The message was accurate.  We all sat around and realized this incredible connection.  I was told about Brenda Meadows from Reverend Debby months ago, I just happened to contact her last week and set up an interview.  And "coincidently" one of our sales reps had also scheduled Jayne to come in to do an ad with me on the same day.  Now, all of that had to line up, we could have chosen any day.  Spirit knows that, spirit knows how to line things up.  THIS INTERVIEW IS PROOF OF THAT!

At the very end of this interview we tacked on another segment, this part was with Jayne.  For me, it was a great gift to witness this whole process play out.  Check out a very gentle gifted psychic/medium who truly wants to help you connect with your loved ones:

Brenda Meadows email:



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• September 5th, 2014


She calls to us.  At 18 years old Nico Economides choose to leave the comfort of his home in western lower Michiganand make a four month journey up Lake Michigan to Lake Huron,then onto the St. Mary's Rriver and then onto Lake Superior in a canoe.  Once he got to Lake Superior he knew he was home.  The remoteness, the majesty, the mystical, I'm sure it is what draws many.  Had Nico lived near the lake before? Nico tells Joy and me that he felt this was almost a vison quest.  This week we get to hear some sea tales from a very earthy guy who runs his own sailboat tour business:



Also check out:



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• August 31st, 2014

Last weekend I got together with Joy and Roslyn and a few divine souls.  When it became my turn I was told I needed to speak my truth more.  Perhaps I should, so this week I talk about why and what I believe in at my core and how I came to this understanding.  Normally I figure it doesn't reallly matter what I think, to me that is a part of letting go of ego.  But perhaps you can't really move forward until you claim it?  I have been told I'm an ancient soul.  I believe I've probably been around the block a few times, so to speak.  I choose to remain humble, it is so easy to get full of yourself when you think you've gained a  little wisdom, I see this time and again with those that I've interviewed or just people in general.  If you want to make a difference, just be it.  There is no need to try to change others, the highest way is to let them find it for themselves.  Whatever light and love you fill yourself with will make a difference, eventually the bucket will get full when enough of us add to it.  That is what I believe, how about you? 

Listen Now:

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• August 20th, 2014

GoddessHeartRising.jpgThis week our good buddy Roslyn McGrath joins us to talk about her new book, Goddess Heart Rising.  The book is a compilation of paintings, poems and meditation for activating your divine potential.  And why are we connecting with the Goddesses?  My sweet sisters Joy and Roslyn are here to bring balance.

Plus Joy is coming back to the sacred land (the U.P.) and here are some workshops and events:

Aphrodite Answers – Your Soul’s Beauty Revealed will be held Tues. August 26th, from 6:30 – 9:30 pm in Marquette.

Limited space is available and is already halfway full, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly if you’d like to be bathed in this beautiful energy with us! The fee is $45 with non-refundable, pre-paid registration by 8/22/14, $55 after if room. Checks may be made payable to ILC, PO Box 583, Marquette, MI 49855.

Joy & Roslyn also offering 2 other special events during her visit to Michigan:

Messengers of the Heart, offering readings, insights & guidance in a group setting at the Dale Thomas Center in Rapid River, MI on Sat., Aug. 23rd, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Free follow-up meditation recording is included with $25 admission. Come join us and be received with open hearts!

And individual Soul Readings & Life Purpose Drawings at Panara Imports in downtown Marquette, MI on Thurs., 8/27/14. Call (906) 226-4604 in advance to schedule your appointment between 6 pm and 8 pm.

Roslyn's sites:

Joy's sites:

Listen Now:

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