• April 19th, 2014


Joy Regina Melchezidek joins me for her show Joy Of Union.  Pretty interesting this week.  We take a couple calls and then Joy channels Joan Of Arc.  I've always been fascinated with her story and figured there was probably much more to her than we were told.  Could I have known her at one time?  Really interesting show and once again my sister Joy is just amazing.



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• April 10th, 2014


Jared Heyman started a company called Crowd Med, he was inspired after watching his sister was suffering from something no one could diagnose.  Jared had read about how groups of people working on a project, even independently, could solve problems and come up with answers.  So could that be used for undiagnosed illnesses?  How does it work?  The best way I can understand it is that it's almost like a collective conciousness that taps into something greater.  People share their own experiences, or even intuition.  Anyone can help solve a case.  Does it work?  Crowd Med tracks it's cases and there have been many amazing results.  So, what makes this work?  My feeling, in part, is the psychic connection we have to one another and the Oneness.

What's also cool about Jared's story?  He felt he was guided every step of his journey and there were plenty of signs along the way.  He went on a sabatical and meditated before he made his decisions, his answers became clear and he connected the dots.




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• April 3rd, 2014


What if you could accelerate your thoughts?  What keeps us from doing that?  This week Flo Magdalena joins me with Joy Melchezidek on Joy Of Union, Joy's show.  Flo, the founder of Soul Support Systems, shows me how to clear stuff in my left brain, release it, and then reintergrate it with my right brain and my essence.  I'll have to say that during this show I didn't really notice anything, but in the days to come a couple of issues that have been on my mind for a while appeared to be crystal clear.  Did Flo help me?  I think so.  I know Joy has helped me everytime we've done energy work and I've talked to some co-workers and friends who felt the same.  From what I can see of Soul Support Systems, it really seems to help others.

 I'll have to say I learned a lot about myself in this show and how Flo pegged what is in my deepest thoughts is beyond amazing.






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• April 1st, 2014


This broadcast was done a week and a half ago with Reverend Debby trying to locate the missing Malaysian flight that has the whole world wondering.  Was this a terrorist act?  Was someone tampering with the plane?  What became of the plane and it's passengers?  Reverend Debby asked the angels and she shares what they tell her.  Also, part of this show are taken from out Psychic Friday show that we do on the radio every Friday.

Above is a drawing done by some children, how touching.  I hope they are okay as well.



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• March 19th, 2014


The man in the above picture was Sidney Coe Howard, he was a screenwriter in the 1930's, he's credited with writing Gone With The Wind.  He also died in 1939 when a tractor on his farm ran over him and crushed him.  Such a promising life cut short.

A couple of weekends ago I saw a show called "The Ghost Inside My Child" on LMN.  I have so many channels and most of them I don't even watch but this caught my eye and I found it fascinating.  The show deals with children who at a very young age that appear to have very vivid memories of a previous lifetime, many of the children are having nightmares from how they remember dying.  One of the shows dealt with a child remembering being Sidney Coe Howard, he even kept telling his parents he was born on June 26th, Sidney's birthday.  Now how does a young child know these things?  Is it evidence from reincarnation?  If so, why is it coming out now?  Perhaps children have been talking about it for a long time and we just weren't listening.  How can some seem to remember and most of us don't?  My only answer is that they choose to and perhaps  now it is happening more because we are in a time when more truths will come forward.  Next week a fascinating new show with Joy Melchezidek and an investigation into what happened to Emilia Earhart.

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• March 4th, 2014

Are you experiencing mild headaches at the top of you head?  Are you getting cramps in your left calf?  Are those signs of an awakening?  If what I've been hearing is true most  of us are experiencing an awakening of some sort.  Have you noticed that? 

This weeks guest may have some answers.  Pamela Arwine is the founder of Quantum Healing Energetics and Lemurian Light Healing, Pamela has 15 years experience as a spiritual healer and counselor and instructor of all levels of Usui Reiki, Karuna®Reiki, Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Healing With the Sound of Light, Lemurian Light Healing, Past Life Regressions and Meditation. She brings to this work her extensive training in an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Advanced Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling and Advanced Holistic Healing; Usui Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Karuna® Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Rubenfeld™ Synergy Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and  Gestalt Therapy.

After a profound personal physical healing, she dedicated herself to practicing and teaching these healing art forms. She is sincerely committed to the ideal of healing and advanced spiritual evolution through love, awareness, clearing, education and compassionate action. Although her work is focused around spiritual awareness and enlightenment, she recognizes that physical or emotional distress can keep one stuck in their path. If one has the tools and the support to alleviate these symptoms, their forward spiritual movement can be much more profound, peaceful and joyful.

What I liked Pamela's site are the options for clearing and healing, and many more teaching and choices.                            

 This week I speak with Pamela Arwine from Colorado City Colorado.






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• February 27th, 2014

Elizabeth Ball from Melbourne Australia speaks with me about astrology.  I could have spoken to any astrologist anywhere but I really wanted to speak to someone from Australia and see the world from their eyes.  On top of that Elizabeth is a pretty good astrologist and some things she told me were pretty amazing.  Can the alignment of the stars predict or confirm our fate?  I'm not sure but I keep an open mind.

This was done on Skype so it's not quite studio quality.


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• February 20th, 2014

David Twichell has stepped out into the world of Sci-Fi, and just realeased his new book, A New Heaven A New Earth.  I've known David for a few years now and it's like speaking to a brother from another time.  Like many David had a ufo incident that spurred his curiousity at a young age.  This has led to several books and his own talk show in the Detroit area.  While this is fiction, there may be some truth in the book regarding alien technology.  If anyone would know David would with all the interviews he's done and with all of his work with MUFON.  I am not an expert on ufo's, David is. He has looked at this topic with an open mind and that's why I feel we get along so well.  It is my feeling that his new book may have been inspired by a potential earth future from another dimension, don't all thoughts come from somewhere? 

Check out his site for more on David:

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• February 13th, 2014

In Brazil there is a man called João de Deus, known to many as John Of God, he is a psychic healer, many have gone to him and have been healed.  Cher Slater-Barlevi went to see him when all became lost regarding her injuries in a car accident.  She too was miraculously healed, and she had some help from a little dog named Xico.  Cher was so overwhelmed by her experience she vowed to write a book and was told by John Of God to write it from Xico's viewpoint.  So while some of it is fiction, Cher mixes many facts with her novel, stories of those who were healed miraculously.  Some of you will shake your head and say it isn't possible and I always think "How do I know if I've never been there?"  This show isn't just about Cher's book, it is about her amazing insight. Cher has many skills and being an author is just one of them.






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• February 6th, 2014

This week Reverand Debby plays psychic detective and looks into several popular mysteries including Natalie Holloway. Debby actually makes contact with Natalie's spirit to find out what became of her and where her body lies.  As she was giving this reading I was looking up the story online, it's been a while and I didn't remember any of the details.  What's pretty interesting is that Debby described 3 suspects, which was the same as the police report.  She also said there was a green car involved (which wasn't listed) and Natilie has a message for her mother and a woman named Susan.

We also look at a few other well known cases to see if Debby can shed some light on them.

also check out:

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