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December 25th, 2019

This time of year can lift our spirits and raise our vibrations regardless of how we want to label ourselves and what we believe in.  That is my simple message, to remember joy, and by using those kinds of words and listening to music that uplifts us we all have a chance to reach a higher state of consciousness.  That's what I like about this time of year even if I don't fit a certain label.


December 24th, 2019

My friend Georgie Holbrook appears on a podcast called the Meadow Report.  There is a link that will take you to the site.  Georgie has been a healer that has helped many,  including her own severe issues with Rosacea. 




December 6th, 2019

Brittany Fiero joins me this week from Saugerties New York.  She knew she had abilities since she was very young.  She's traveled a rough road, been through addiction, lost the father of her child.  Now he's working with her on the other side and is guiding her as she moves forward.  Brittany will also have a book coming out very soon. 


I've had this talk with more than one of my psychic friends, many of them have faced some real hardships.  Why is that?  I believe everything is here to teach us, some have just chosen harder lessons so they can have greater compassion and truly understand a certain topic so that one day they may speak from a point of experience.  I don't know if that's what Brittany's journey is, only she has the answers to that.


From just outside of Albany New York, this week I welcome Brittany Fiero.




November 26th, 2019


Over the weekend I did a live broadcast in a town called Gwinn Michigan, roughly 45 minutes from where I do this show.  I met a man from the western part of the U.P. who told me about some fascinating encounters in the woods not far from where he lives and hunts.  It got me thinking about some of the guests I've had on my show and there may be some similarities, plus my own personal experiences.  For all I know there could be a vortex on this fella's property, a doorway if you will.  Or it could be energy left over from another time, perhaps something negative happened on the property. 


The Travel Channel has a show called Fear The Woods and while I used to like catching it once in a while they seemed to  have amped it up quite a bit to make it more scarier.  My show is not about scaring anyone, so please don't take it the wrong way, I just thought it was kind of a neat connection.  Light is always stronger than any darker energy.


November 1st, 2019

Do you find it hard to trust others, who's telling the truth anymore?  Were they ever telling the truth?  In this show I talk about some topics I usually stay away from, one being politics.  That is only a small segment of this show.  Another being religion.  Not a good idea, right?  This program is never done to be divide others, we can agree to disagree if you'd like.  But, since I'm on the topic of trust, I explain the sources I trust and why.  I just think there are so many half truths being told and that's what snags us, they tell us just enough so that we start believing.  Who can we trust?  Ourselves.  Our experiences.  The voice within.  The being within.  I'm kind of letting it rip in this show, telling it like I see it, no offense to anyone, only love.  I could be wrong and tomorrow could be a new way of thinking. 


September 20th, 2019


I heard years ago, from more than one source, the Earth may be hollow.  Now, for some, or even many, this may seem to be a bit out there.  When I first heard of this theory I wasn't sure what to believe.  Over time you hear more and more about certain topics and it seems to support what I originally heard.  Earlier today I saw an email I received from James Tyberron and it mentioned the Hollow Earth and had this map.  I've come to respect the things James says and much of it rings true to me.  His article got me thinking again about the many different sources that have made this claim and in this show I just try to piece them together.  In my head it all makes sense, or like a friend suggested recently, maybe I ate some lead paint when I was a kid.  If the Earth is hollow, are there beings that live there?  Did they come from an ancient civilization?  Have people visited the Hollow Earth?  Did Admiral Byrd find an opening?  I don't know about you but this topic interests me.


August 30th, 2019


Ever wonder what we've missed in our history?  How many incidents have been lost in the sands of time?  Perhaps some have been ignored or covered up?  The mining of copper in over 6000 years ago in the U.S from the Celts in Europe.  The arrival of the Vikings and the Knights Templar way before Columbus.  The ancient tribes and their connection to the Star People. 


Apparently the only ufo incident that ever happened was Roswell, yet there were many, some with much more eye witness evidence than Roswell.  Joining me this week are Frank Feschino and Dr. Phillip Delong.  Frank has spent a good part of his life investigating the Flatwoods Monster incident, there is more evidence on this incident than any other ufo story, yet it is ignored by the media. 


In 1952 a ufo made an emergency landing in Flatwoods West Virginia, Frank was able to track down many of the civilian and military eye witnesses while they were still alive and put the pieces together on what truly happened back in September of 1952.  Dr. Phil Delong is a gifted psychic/medium/healer who shares his insight.  I love talking to these guys, both good friends with each other, both from Florida.  Frank covers the factual side, Phil covers the metaphysical side of this story.







August 20th, 2019

If you look at social media, you'll see a lot of angry people.  It also seems there are some very hateful souls who post very negative remarks about others, why is that?  I notice people often post things to get others approval, or they do things to stir the pot.  I feel there is really one main answer for all of this, why there is so much hatred in the world, anger, anything that is not of love light.  Isn't it all caused by separation?  Have you ever had an experience when you were so plugged into God/Source that you were so joyful nothing could effect that joy?  I've had those experiences, I'm guessing most of us have had those experiences.  Then if we turn our focus onto something else it can change in an instant, aren't we the creators of those moments and if we truly want to be responsible shouldn't we be somewhat careful of how we word things?  Shouldn't it always be done with respect?


I have never posted anything or got involved in someone's argument although I've been tempted.  I see many of my friends posting things that seem to set others off, why?  So that was my intent when I saw a post that I felt was done to rile others up, whether I agreed with it or not.  I wanted people to think before they attack, or create something negative.  I feel we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.  We can feed dark energy or we can feed the light, we have a choice.  I quoted some of the people I've had on my show and I don't blame others for not believing what I had to say, whom am I to be considered an authority on anything?  With that said it was an opportunity to practice what I preach, allow others to say some things about me without getting offended, letting go of ego and detaching.  I took a few shots across the bow, but I realized it only effects me if I allow it.  It was worth doing for that reason alone.  I've seen more than one of my friends, people who've been guests on my show, complaining about not being taken seriously or made fun of.  From my perspective it's an opportunity to grow so that we detach from our outcomes and what others think, it really doesn't matter.  If we know we are speaking what we think is our highest truth and it comes from love, we have nothing to worry about.  You may come under attack because there are those who are deliberately trying to discredit the truth, so be it. 


Also, I saw your comment about wanting me to get in touch with you, I can't through this website, but feel free to email me at tj2@up.net


July 19th, 2019

There are a group of people who claiming they want to storm Area 51, they feel if they get enough people they couldn't be stopped.  I think this is mostly a publicity stunt, some however may take this seriously.  It would not be wise to attempt this, the Airforce has said it will protect it's base.    Maybe someone is behind this just to raise awareness, get us talking.  The real question, are they currently here and interacting with us?  Not just our governments, but ordinary citizens.  I'm not talking abductions.  Years ago I talked with a woman who claimed she had been at a convention in Chicago and met some representatives from another planet.  At the time I thought she was making it up, now I'm not so sure. 


July 12th, 2019

I find my ego to be a very tricky little being, I find that is not a definition of who I am.  I am becoming aware of how it likes to react and control me.  I am not referring to what is called egotistical, but this little voice that makes us react to anything we get offended by, or get upset about.  I believe our souls are joyful and loving, anything that takes me out of that state is not the real me.  Many feel the need to speak their mind and tell it like it is.  Again, I feel that is a false personality.  Removing ego means nothing offends us.  It also means we don't feel the need to speak up and be heard.  We are happy just being.  We don't have all the answers no matter how enlightened we think we are.  It baffles me when I talk to others and they think they have it all figured out.  I'm am always curious to learn more because I don't have all the answers.  There is so much to learn.  The universe is endless.  There are so many dimensions and unknown.  Life is always evolving so what may have been an absolute truth 5 minutes ago may have changed.  There are universal truths that I feel are accurate, but I still keep an open mind to other possibilities.  


I do this show because I think it's what I signed up for, part of my life's path to bring the truth.  Maybe I'm wrong and it's just ego tricking me again.  I think I can't move forward if I don't do self examination and be totally honest with myself.  In the last few years I've really paid attention to things that bother me.  An example was not long ago when I witnessed a man right outside the studio treating someone poorly.  It really upset me and I know part of witnessing that incident was meant for me as well so I could learn from it if I  chose to.  It's like the universe is challenging me to become more balanced, to let go and just observe without judging.  Is anyone else noticing this?  Is it part of what many are calling The Shift?  

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