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What’s it all mean?

I think if you talk to a thousand different people you'll get a 1000 different answers.  If you talk to 100 different light workers you'll probably get 100 different variations of what is going on since 2012.


Things most of us can agree on:


1.  There was some kind of shift in the planet in 2012, in all of us as well.


2.  We are moving towards a more awakened/enlightened global society.  It may not seem that way at times but to me the signs are obvious.  There are many group movements being created right now.  Earth groups, human rights groups, soul groups, etc.


3.  All of the paranormal experiences are increasing for a couple of reasons, the veil is getting thinner and people are becoming more like their true state, psychically aware beings.


4.  Why now?  Some say there has been an agreement to allow those not of the light have control and that agreement is coming to an end now.  I also believe we are choosing to make this change ourselves, things will change only when enough of us desire it to be so.


5.  So what do ufos, sasquatch, manwolf, ghosts, sprits, and other strange phenomena have to do with all of this?  These are all part of the hidden truth, things that have been covered up or just dismissed.  Why would someone cover these things up?  To keep us from knowing that our history is not what we think, to keep us believing what we've been told for centuries.  The veil is lifting and these things will become more and more apparent whether people want to believe them or not.  We are in a time when the truth will come forward, there will be no denying it.  Maybe in your own life you've noticed how things have been coming to the surface, this is meant for us to clear.  We need to be clear and balanced in order to ascend, or so I'm told.


6.  What is ascention?  Good question.  Some say the Earth/Gaia is ascending, it is changing it's vibration, thus all of the earth quakes, sunami's and other disasters.  So earth is balancing itself as well.  If God is on the highest vibration-pure love energy, and down here we are on the lowest vibration, then in order to ascend to another level (and there supposedly are many) we need to have more love.  The Earth has been a place of darkness for too long but and while all things are allowed to exist at their own choosing because of the Law Of Free Will, when enough of us want a change there will be one.  Right now many of us have signed up for this and we're well aware of what needs to be done.  In my opinion, true ascention is raising your vibration to a point where you can take your body with you and leave.  Isn't that what Jesus did?  St. Germain?  Others? 


7.  There are so many psychics and channels, who do I trust and who do I believe?  First and foremost trust what you get from Source/God itself.  Learn to trust your inner voice, your own divine inner being.  In my opinion, someone who is serving the greater good will try to empower you and get you to do it for yourself.  Avoid the ones who are trying to get you to follow them or depend on them.  In other words, skip by "You can only gain enlightenment through me."


8.  How can I serve even if I seem to have no psychic abilities or ninja skills?  The ninja skills was a joke.  You can make a difference in just being a loving being, holding the light.  That is probably the best thing we all can do.  We don't have the right to manipulate others or try to convince them, just live your loving self every day.



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