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Natural Healing

There are many answers to healing, over the years these are some of the products I've heard great things about:

Mannatech's Ambrotose and natural products

OPC 3 (from Market America)

Essiac Tea

P73 Oil Of Oreganol


All of the above are natural and have less (if any) side effects than a prescribed drug.  All healing has to come from within, we are the healers of our bodies.  If you don't  have a desire to heal I don't think anything can help you.  There are those on my show who have done energy healing and for some it worked well.  Ultimately, again, we are the ones who heal ourselves with the assistance on an energy healer and I believe it is done by raising our vibration. 


Most illness is caused by toxic thoughts and emotions.  Some may find that hard to believe, almost all natural healers, even those who've been extremely ill, have echoed that statement.  We have the ability to improve our chances for health by remaining happy and joyful.  I would also point out that happiness and joy are higher love vibrations and I believe it is our natural state, it is only when we get out of that state that the body gets an imbalance.


Healers.  I think a good chiropractor can make a difference in your overall health, as well as hands on healers.  As far as energetic healers the most renowned is John Of God in Brazil.  I also believe my friends Joy Melchezidek and Reverend
Dr. Phil Delong can help you in your healing.  They've helped me or others that I know. 


Supplements.  I've talked to few different people regarding this topic.  I would recommend Omega 3s for brain health, there seems to be evidence to support that part of the reason so many people are going off the deep end is that lack of Omega 3s in our diet which has changed a lot in the last 30 years.  I personally have been a big supporter of Vitamin C because it has helped me detox and stay healthy for years.  Beware, not all vitamin companies are the same.


Nutritional food.  While many choose organic food not everyone can afford it, for those who can't your attitude towards food affects it's response in your body.  Say a positive message over your food (prayer) or just even acknowledge how grateful you are for your food.  Everything starts with our thoughts.