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1964, As a young boy I wake up in the middle of the night and the whole room is vibrating, my bed is even vibrating.  My voice vibrated when I tried to speak.  This happens at least 10 times before it just goes away.  It scared me for a while and then became no big deal, I wasn't getting hurt.  What was going on?  I think I was having an out of body experience and was just returning to my body.


In 1968 I saw my first ufo, it was oval in shape and flying from north to south on the eastern horizon.  It had colors that were red and blue, maybe orange, yellow.  My parents and brother witnessed the craft.


Also in 1968 I had a very vivid out of body experience that took me to another realm where I was pinched by what I thought were angels.  They certainly didn't act like angels.  Let me tell you it hurt.  Research years later and reading from Robert Monroe made me realize that I had left my body and traveled to another place and the beings I encountered were a bit mischievous.  There are many realms of existence.


Around 1970, The Pounding, someone or something was pounding on my parents window on the second floor.  How did it get up there?  I'm glad it was my brother who witnessed it and not me.  What was it?  Years later after talking to Reverend Debby I figured it was a tree spirit, we two giant oaks just outside my parents window.


1979, while in Wausau Wisconsin going to broadcasting school, I experience what I think is an angel intervention protecting me from a definite accident.  I drove like a professional race driver that day, something just told me what to do.  I was coming over a hill, going way too fast on slippery roads, and I knew I couldn't stop in time to avoid the car at the bottom some 70 yards away.  A grader was off to my right so I couldn't get into that lane.  A thought hit me, it was unbelievable, speed up and get past the grader and cut the wheel to at the last second to avoid the car in front of me.  How could that possibly work?  It did.  I missed the car at the light by inches and slid safely into the right lane, it was miraculous.


1984, my father was on his last day of life, he had cancer and I just made it up from Mississippi.  I couldn't leave any sooner and I managed to arrive the last day of his life.  He was out of it on morphine, just speaking jibberish.  My mother told me it was time to leave and she left the room.  I said goodbye to my dad and as I was walking out of the room he came to and said, "Don't go, don't go!"  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  My mother popped her head back in the room and said there is no way he said anything, he was totally out of it.  And she left the room again.  So, I figured I must have been hearing things.  I said goodbye as I left the room and again my dad stopped being in his drug state for just a split second, "Okay, okay, I'll see you later."  Which he never did, but it gave me great peace to think that he held on for me to get there and that he found a way to communicate with me.


1987, coming back from Marquette on a nice winter day I hit a whiteout that was in just one section of the road, again I felt protected because I knew exactly what to do to avoid hitting 7 cars that had spun out in the road.


1988, my first channeling session in Marquette, I listened to an entity named Gorges.


1992, I met a gray.  I went to sleep at my mothers house in Norway and in the middle of the night he came to visit.  This all happened because I desired it to happen, I kept repeating it as I was going to sleep and around 1am this being showed up and scared the crap out of me.  Eventually I was at peace and I don't remember what happened after that.  Perhaps I was probed!  ;)


1996, my father comes back from the other side in a dream state.  He is surrounded by white light which passes right through me and I feel love like I've never felt before.  At the end of this visitation he tells me "Just think of me and I'll be there."  At that very moment my radio alarm kicked on and that song came over the radio....I'll Be There by the Escape Club.  "I may have died but I've gone nowhere, just think of me and I'll be there."


1998, Lantern turns on by itself, my girlfriend and I witness this event camping at Hog Island State Forest Campground.  It appears to be a spirit that resides in that area since it happened the year before.


1999, I witness an outline of a man like being standing over my girlfriend when we lived on North 21st Street in Escanaba.  I also heard someone banging around in the kitchen while I was in the shower and then I heard a coffee cup being slammed on the counter.


2007, my friend Jay dies, he messes with my computer as listed below, he also appears as a chickadee on my deck while I'm talking to his widow.  This bird looked right at me and tried to hover while looking in my living room window, chickadees don't hover.  Then he flew by my garage and then eventually up on a wire above my head to say goodbye.


2007, I opened up my computer and told my friend Jay who passed on to write something.  I came back few hours later and nothing new was written.....however.....the text on my computer was all hazy like I never saw it before.  My computer was also froze up.  After I shut the computer down the problem has never ocurred again.....


2007, a bald eagle is sitting on the railroad tracks close to my house, he won't leave even after I say hello to him.  He glances at me, no more than 20 feet away from me, but continues staring at my house.  Very unusual.  2 guys from the railroad try to approach him thinking he's hurt, he flies off when they get within 10 feet.


2011, my mother comes back to visit me from the other side with our horse and a squirrel.  She just looked at me and smiled and for the second time in my life I felt a wave of love come over me that goes beyond words.  I'm pretty sure the squirrel that was nuzzling up to her was the one that I wanted to kill 10 years earlier because he was driving me nuts.  I finally set a trap for him and released him elsewhere.  I'm sure he was coming back to thank me.


Several more things have happened which I will post at a later date.

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