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ADM_Cover.jpgHave you ever watched a movie or read a book and felt the director or author were trying to tell you something more than what appeared on the surface?  My guest this week considers himself a history buff who has had some paranormal experiences that have influenced his writing.  His name is Gerald J Kubicki, he grew up in Long Island in a house that had ghost activity.  It was witnessed by the whole family.  Gerald also has a great interest in World War 2 and, like myself, believes that history can repeat itself if we do not heed the warning signs.  So while this is a fictional book mixed with some fact, what is Gerald trying to accomplish?  I think he is trying to get a message out and sometimes no one listens if you come out and just tell them, sometimes you have to lead the horse to water but the decision on taking a drink still lies with the horse.  Maybe the horse will look in the water and see his reflection and realize that there is more going on here than just quenching it's thirst.  Huh? 

Gerald now calls Las Vegas his home.  He strikes me as someone who is passionate about history and giving credit where credit is due.  He also is a first hand witness to the paranormal and it made him a believer.  Please welcome Gerald Kubicki this week. 


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