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C0028478.jpgIngrid Dean joins me again for part 2 of our conversation about The Spirit Of The Badge.  In this show we'll delve into who she is a bit more and what she truly believes in.  I am always curious to see what brought a person to where they are now.  Plus I think it lends credibility to the guest when they open up and you find why they believe the way they do.  Is it from personal experience?  I think with most it is. 

Are the stories in the book real?  Why would so many officers put their neck on the line if they weren't?  Two of the stories that are highlighted in this interview are from the audio book.  You will  hear that audio in segments two and three.  I am impressed with the production.  It is well done and I enjoyed listening to it.   One is about the possibility of communication from beyond to help solve a murder.  The other is called the Angels Shield.  You certainly have to wonder sometimes if we are protected by angels, or guardians.  Both are great stories.  The officer in the story had a brief but amazing encounter.  I've noticed that myself.   It isn't this brilliant production like you see in the movies.  It's usually short and sweet.  From my own experience, it seems more accurate.   


Check out Ingrid Dean's Website:  www.SpiritOfTheBadge.com

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