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ROBANDTRISHSYNCHRONICITY.jpg  I've chatted with Rob and Trish MacGregor before, they are friends of Bruce Gernon, Rob co wrote Bruce's book The Fog.  The Fog is the true story of Bruce Gernon's survival of a mysterious electronic fog in the Bermuda Triangle.  The MacGregor's have written several books and I found The Synchronicity Highway interesting considering it details well known events and how they are so connected.  Rob mentions that there was a fictional book called The Wreck Of The Titan, a book that wound up being very similar to what happened to the Titanic.  The Wreck Of The Titan was written 14 years before the sinking of the Titantic.  Was the author tapping into the future?  Also, close to 800 people rejected taking the maiden voyage on the Titanic, did they sense something? 

ROBANDTRISHBUMP1.jpg  Just in time for Halloween, the other book we'll talk about is Bump In The Night.  These are a collection of true stories that will surprise you.  Rob and Trish do their homework and their website features a collection of their work, fictional and non fiction.  I really enjoy talking to these two enlightened open minded souls, they've been researching for years and they have uncovered many fascinating stories!


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