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Joy Regina Melchezidek – Circuitry Alignment, Soul Recognition and HeartThread Facilitator


facilitator_joy_melchizedek.jpgJoy Regina Melchezidek always lived in a world where the supernatural was the norm. Her earliest memories of communicating telepathically with spirits occurred before she could talk. By 3 years of age she was tuning into souls and doing healing work.

After meeting Flo Aeveia Magdalena in 1991, she was trained in a multitude of Shamanic studies. Joy’s work expanded and now includes the Heart Thread work, the Soul Recognition process, and the Circuitry Alignment process.

She is a teacher, a writer, and an advocate for children and peace. Joy’s psychic detective work has led her to working with the police and others to solve missing person cases. She has also taught high school forensic classes how to utilize their intuition to assist in solving crimes.

Known as the “Baby Whisperer’ Joy serves as an advocate for children and peace. She is the founder and executive director of “tee-shirts for peace.” Under the umbrella of Soul Support Systems, “tee shirts for peace” is focused on the holistic care of children, as well offering resolutions to effectively stop violence for everyone.

When I talked to Joy a couple of weeks ago she blew me away with what she had to tell me about myself.  Not only was it accurate but some of it has been my own private thoughts that I've shared with almost no one.  She accurately described both of my parents and their roles in my life, even after they have passed.  She told me about my interaction and how I was connected to "others" not from this planet.  Finally she told me I was protected, she claimed she saw the archangel Michael around me, which is so true because I have asked him to be near me.  This week I will have a couple of guests in the studio to see if Joy can read anything for them and assist them.  I have talked to many who can see and hear things but this was by far the most impressive detailed reading I have ever had.



Joy can also be reached on Facebook.

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