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September 16th, 2021


It's been a while since I posted anything, sorry, I've been on another plane of existence.  Actually, that's b.s., I've been busy and just haven't had the desire to do much of this.  But then something happened within the last month, a wake up call?  It certainly got my attention.  I kept seeing 222, 3 times within a few days.  I saw a deer standing in the middle of the highway.  It was impossible for him to be in the middle of the road, actually sniffing the road, and not get hit or even seen by 2 cars that had just gone by.  Prior to all of this I had a dilemma, a situation at work and I always question as to whether I should speak up or not.  Now, a month later it seems real obvious what this was all about and at the time we go through these things we don't realize that this is part of a lesson and how it's all connected.  Or at least I think it is?  Hmm...


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