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May 20th, 2021

I've been doing some thinking again.  Oh no, that can't be good!  I've noticed there are 2 main understandings of Ascended Masters and many of todays psychics/channelers see it one way and I honestly can't agree with them.  That is not a bad thing, we should all follow what rings true within our own being.  I guess I feel the way I do because there are other teachings that say otherwise.  I've had my own experiences too.  As an open person I look at all of it and for me that is how I learn.  How can you gain wisdom if you don't look at all posiblities?  Since I'm in a unique position I get to hear from all types of people and many seem to think they have it all figured out.  I also see with some, not all, a sense that their word is above everyone else's.  How can that be?  Why don't all light workers come together and compare notes?  I think part of it is ego, even light workers appear to have egos.  Not a bad thing, just something that keeps us from moving forward in my opinion.  Then again, maybe that's my ego talking!  I don't even know if we are ascending?  Who can say for sure?  But something is going on, I think we all feel it, correct?  


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