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January 14th, 2021


Glad to see Renata lives in a climate that is not very nice like it is here in wintertime in the U.P. of Michigan.  I can only "feel" or guess that many right now are stressed, not sure what to believe or even who to believe.  I've been meaning to get back with Renata Maniaci who lives in beautiful Costa Rica and as I checked out her podcast I thought her timing was immpecable, she had a show about how to discern truth.  Perhaps we all think we can spot the truth.  Often it may be impacted by how we've been conditioned.  What if we've been told a lot of lies?  It seems like the more I dig, along with intuition, the more I find.  Then I meet Renata and she sees things in the same light, as do many others who I would call enlightened and gifted souls.  Who can we trust?  Ourselves.  When we learn how to discern we don't need someone else.  Renata, from my perception, is such a genuine person, she has worked hard to develope her skills.  She is authentic, transparent, and extremely balanced.  You can learn more about her or listen to her podcasts on the links below.  It gives me great joy to speak with Renata Maniaci this week.







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