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December 30th, 2020

Not long ago I got an email from Becka, she said she was hesitant on contacting me.  I knew exactly what she was saying, I've been there.  We listen to a podcast, or see someone on tv, or social media and we think maybe we can contribute but we doubt ourselves.  So as we corresponded back and forth I asked if she'd want to come on and talk on my podcast about whaterver suited her.  And I encourage people to find their voice, and if you can get past your own inner judgement then you've taken a step as far as I'm concerned.  What held me back at times was my own inner judgement, I'm not saying that is Becka's case.  Some might think, "I haven't had unique experiences, or written a book, etc."  It doesn't matter, every person has something to offer, we just need to believe it in my opinion.   From my observations, everything we believe in creates our reality.  Having faith is just knowing what we believe to be true without any doubts, and that's how we manifest.  I base that on my own experiences.  I look at my own life and when I was unsure that's what the universe gave me.  In my opinion, you are unlimited and are meant to be that if you only accept that.  How great would that be?  In talking with Becka I was impressed by her knowledge but also her energy.  She told me she really only started a lot of this because of Covid, she was afraid like many were at first but she realized this was a chance to go inward.  I am grateful that she reached out to me and shared.  She talks about seeing 2 elk and 2 eagles on her parent's property where they have a cabin.  No question in my mind that there is something more to that.  She is a Certified Natural Healer is a Endocannabinoid Professional, along with knowledge on Intuitive healing and more.  She is a professional dancer and knows how dancing can release energies and help things manifest.  Please check out her site to find out more about Becka if you like.  Becka, like ike so many I've talked to who just feel they are part of something bigger that is taking place, they feel like they are being pulled in a certain direction.  It's happening all over the world.





December 12th, 2020

Roslyn McGrath joins me this week to talk about her webinar: Amplify Your Energy Intelligence: Illuminate Your Power and Potential Through the Wisdom of Your Energy Centers.


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