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August 21st, 2020


I think it was so nice of Neil Armstrong to pose for this picture!  Okay, so this not a real picture, not that I know of.  Over 30 years ago I was listening to Ramtha and he claimed the moon was an aftificial satellite and I was blown away.  Back then there really weren't a lot of other sources to check with, like maybe another psycic or chaneller who had a similar story.  Or even a former military person talking about it.  A lot has come forward in 30 years.  A couple weeks ago I read an article on Era Of Light and a person was channeling Comander Astar, who supposedly is with the Galactic Federation.  The article is called "Blow Up The Moon."  It caught my attention and after reading it I started to remember some of the things I heard over 30 years ago.  Recently I saw on a science show that explained why we don't see the dark side of the moon is because the moon rotates at the just the right speed so we can never see that side, even though it is not dark, we can just not see it.  Doesn't that seem a bit unusual?  Some say the moon was created by smashing into Earth thousands of years ago and it just happened to fall into our orbit and just happened to rotate at just the right speed so we can never see what's on the other side.  Doesn't that seem like more than a coincidence?  I can't prove it, maybe I can astral project and tell you later.  Even then, would you believe me?  I just find this interesting and certainly possible.


Here is the link to the story on Era Of Light:  https://eraoflight.com/2020/08/06/ashtar-sheran-blow-up-the-moon/



August 1st, 2020

70976775_121775479223161_7002534161370054656_n.jpgLast year I was contacted by a mutual freind to do an interview with Steve Carter, as it turned out I was on vacation and we couldn't make it happen.  In spring I was contacted by Steve's wife Tracy and we agreed to meet up at Starbucks to talk.  Right away we had an instant connection and as I listened to Steve much of what he was saying was in alignment with my soul.  We had planned to do a show together but Covid shut that down for a while.  Finally, as divine timing would have it, we were able to sit down and record this interview.


Steve is from Melbourne Australia.  He's had psychic abilites since he was a child, those abilities expanded when he had a near death experience.  Why ist that?  Steve described it as a reset.  Makes sense.  Steve has been trained by many to lead him where he is now, he holds himself to the highest standards.  This show is about connecting with loved ones who've passed, energetic, teaching, healing and some of his visions.  He is the second psychic to tell me about visions of children being rescued amongst other things.  With all of the chaos his message is one of hope, that there is more going on than most are aware of. 




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