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July 24th, 2020


July 16th, 2020

I realized that I've changed a lot from who I used to be.  In many ways I've returned to who I was once was, as a child.  How can we become our true selves if we don't know what we truly are?  Can you remember the pure joy you may have had as a child?  Is that our true state?  I believe we are beings of pure joy and pure unconditional love and when we know what we are we can see when we are not in alignment.  I am no more of an expert than anyone else but through many channelings, readings, life experiences, metaphysical experiences, etc., you see a familiar pattern and hear the same thing over and over about who we are.  I don't wish to change anyone, listen with discernment if you wish.  Next week I have a show with a pet psychic which should be interesting.  Joy and love.


July 7th, 2020

I just heard from Renata Maniaci that the interview she did  with me is up on her site.  My last show was me interviewing her, so she offered to interview me and run it on her site.  I think it speaks of the connection we have and how we both feel about the awakening that's taking place.  I will list a direct connection to it so you can listen below if you like.  This isn't so much about what I have to say but more about supporting Renata and her website and the work she is doing.  I am grateful that she wanted to speak with me and allowed me an opportunity to do so.




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