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Channeling the virus?

March 26th, 2020


For those of you that thought my shows were a bit "out there" this week's show will probably not be for you.  I believe there is consciousness in all things, how could there not be?  A native friend once told me, "If you want to gain wisdom, go talk to a rock.  They've been  around a long time and have seen everything."  Another good friend who salmon fishes in Alaska tells me how he always treats his boat like a living being and speaks nicely to it.  While many fisherman are breaking down around him, he never has a problem.  Coincidence?  I work with a person who really is a nice soul, but he has a tendency to loose his cool when his computer acts up.  We can hear him yelling down the hall.  For some reason his computer has more problems than the rest of us combined.  Why is that?  Is there consciousness in all things and it feeds off our reactions? 


Last week Roslyn McGrath contacted me and said she'd like to do an interview about the Corona virus, not just about it but she wanted to channel it.  It surprised me at first but then the more I thought about it, it made sense.    Is there consciousness in a virus?  Hmm... So this week we talk with Gaia and get her take on all of this and then we speak with Covid.  Believe it or not, I'm thinking most of you will choose "not".  So be it. 


What is the purpose for all of this?  I always feel whatever happens to us in life is there to teach us, maybe wake us up.  Could this be a mass awakening?  I definitely see some of that going on.  It's been a good reminder to keep my heart open and to stay in the frequency of love.  At first I was a little down, I think I was just feeling all the energies.  Then I started feeling really good, like maybe I was sensing that in the long run this could be a really good thing, and that this was all meant to happen and it could lead to some really good things.  Or it could be just the opposite, part of me thinks this was done deliberately but even if that's the case there can still be very positive things to take away from this.


Roslyn McGrath is from Marquette Michigan, she's been an energy worker and channel for many years.  I've always been impressed with the many channeling shows we've done over the years.  Roslyn is a very balanced being who I know is here to work for the highest good.  You can find her on Facebook and her website is:




March 6th, 2020

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In the past I haven't worried about the latest pandemic that seems to fizzle out, but I do have some concerns about this virus because it is similar to the SARS virus.  I would never do a show to put you in fear, only to empower you.  I've know Dr. Cass Ingram for a number of years now and from the advice he's given me personally, it's been spot on.  I just knew he'd have a grasp on this and I am so glad he was willing to talk with me.  Turns our he's writing a book on this and his research dates back to 2003 when he came up with a natural solution to the SARS virus.  I've trusted this man in the past and he hasn't misled me.  In this show we get into the details of how the virus came forward and what you can do to protect yourself.  My belief has always been if you help your immune system you have a really good chance to survive any illnesses.  One of the products I truly believe in is Oil Of Oreganol P73.  Dr. Ingram is passionate about what he believes, I always get a chuckle at how he expresses himself.  We talk and speculate how this virus came into existence, and how even 5G could be involved.  One thing I know for sure is that I will use every natural product that I'm aware of before I take any kind of vaccine.  According to some numbers I've heard, this kills 2 percent of those infected, the flu kills 3 percent, why is the media flipping out over this?  There could be several answers but the biggest reason is to create fear, fear is what feeds the beast. 




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