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November 26th, 2019


Over the weekend I did a live broadcast in a town called Gwinn Michigan, roughly 45 minutes from where I do this show.  I met a man from the western part of the U.P. who told me about some fascinating encounters in the woods not far from where he lives and hunts.  It got me thinking about some of the guests I've had on my show and there may be some similarities, plus my own personal experiences.  For all I know there could be a vortex on this fella's property, a doorway if you will.  Or it could be energy left over from another time, perhaps something negative happened on the property. 


The Travel Channel has a show called Fear The Woods and while I used to like catching it once in a while they seemed to  have amped it up quite a bit to make it more scarier.  My show is not about scaring anyone, so please don't take it the wrong way, I just thought it was kind of a neat connection.  Light is always stronger than any darker energy.


November 1st, 2019

Do you find it hard to trust others, who's telling the truth anymore?  Were they ever telling the truth?  In this show I talk about some topics I usually stay away from, one being politics.  That is only a small segment of this show.  Another being religion.  Not a good idea, right?  This program is never done to be divide others, we can agree to disagree if you'd like.  But, since I'm on the topic of trust, I explain the sources I trust and why.  I just think there are so many half truths being told and that's what snags us, they tell us just enough so that we start believing.  Who can we trust?  Ourselves.  Our experiences.  The voice within.  The being within.  I'm kind of letting it rip in this show, telling it like I see it, no offense to anyone, only love.  I could be wrong and tomorrow could be a new way of thinking. 


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