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September 20th, 2019


I heard years ago, from more than one source, the Earth may be hollow.  Now, for some, or even many, this may seem to be a bit out there.  When I first heard of this theory I wasn't sure what to believe.  Over time you hear more and more about certain topics and it seems to support what I originally heard.  Earlier today I saw an email I received from James Tyberron and it mentioned the Hollow Earth and had this map.  I've come to respect the things James says and much of it rings true to me.  His article got me thinking again about the many different sources that have made this claim and in this show I just try to piece them together.  In my head it all makes sense, or like a friend suggested recently, maybe I ate some lead paint when I was a kid.  If the Earth is hollow, are there beings that live there?  Did they come from an ancient civilization?  Have people visited the Hollow Earth?  Did Admiral Byrd find an opening?  I don't know about you but this topic interests me.


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