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May 22nd, 2019


A month ago I did a radio interview with Jeff Olson about suicide prevention.  In this area Jeff is probably best known for being the head coach of a team that won the state championship against all odds, not only did they do this once, but 3 times.  His son Daniel was on a team prior to that, they made it to the state championship and lost by 2 points.  This isn't a story about football, instead it's a story about a young man, Daniel, who was dealing with so much inner pain he decided to end it.  I can't imagine what that feels like, can most of us?  It seems to be happening more and more, why is that?  There are probably many answers.  From a metaphysical stand point some of us believe it is by choice to wake others up.  We choose our roles, and while losing our life may seem tragic, our spirit goes on and returns home.  That is just but one reason, we forget that we live in a world where dark energy has a pretty strong influence on each of us.  We have foods that are not as good for us as they once were which we are seeing is affecting brain health and causing many to behave erratically.  We have so called medications which are just drugs and have side effects on our physical and emotional bodies.  We have electronic devices which were created to keep us in a state of mental chaos and distraction. 


Some will believe Daniel went to a bad place for committing suicide, that is unfortunate.  Jeff doesn't believe so, neither do I, not even for an instant.  I did a show a few years back about a young man who committed suicide and kept visiting this psychic, she eventually would meet his mother and then the story was told that he was assisting others to cross over after they committed suicide.  It was part of a bigger picture.  The medium wrote a book about and the whole purpose was to help others.  Jeff told me it was way too coincidental that his team won the state championship, the way it all played out, too many things fell in place.  He felt this happened so he would have a platform to speak on, someone people would listen to.  Was it all part of a bigger plan?  I'm sure you know what I'm thinking.  I asked Jeff if he thought his son's spirit was around, Jeff, his family, the team and others have said they thought they felt Daniel's spirit.  Now how does that work?  I can only say what I know from many interviews with psychic mediums about suicide, they go on and often it was their plan from the beginning for whatever reason.  Some do it to inspire and help others, some maybe get caught up in life down here, there are many reasons.  The best thing we can do is talk about it and get it out in the open and certainly not judge anyone, I hope no one looks down on this.  It is an opportunity to open our hearts and believe me, this video will do just that.  I hope to do another interview with Jeff some day, there are some things he told me off that air that are just amazing but I can't go into right now.  You can find more at the website below.





May 16th, 2019


A new movie coming out delves into animal reincarnation, at one time I would have seen it as hopeful fantasy.  Now, without a doubt I feel I know a different truth.  Wouldn't it be great if our pets came back to us?


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