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February 6th, 2019


A couple weeks ago Project Bluebook aired an episode about the Flatwoods Monster incident from 1952.  This was obviously a Hollywood version of the story.  I just don't know why no one wants to present this story accurately.  Why is that?  They'll talk about Roswell to no end.  They'll discuss many other events but they skip by perhaps the biggest event that ever happened in the United States, maybe the world.  Perhaps it has to do with conflict, the fact that our craft were attempting to shoot these unknown craft down.  We lost many aircraft from that time period, imagine our government having to explain that.  These alien craft were not on the offensive, they were merely depending themselves from what Frank's evidence seems to conclude.  Why were they here?


Over twenty years ago Frank Feschino took an interest in the Flatwoods Monster story, at first he was rejected by the locals who were tired of being made fun of by the media.  Eventually the locals took to Frank after they realized he was there to gather legitimate information.  Frank got to meet most all of the witnesses from that time period, some who witnessed strange craft in other parts of West Virginia.  Thanks to documents released by Project Bluebook Frank was able to fill in a timeline and trace where all of this started and what was really going on.  Like I've said before, thanks to Frank, this is the probably the most researched event that has never been made public in any way.  The History channel is promoting a lot of U.F.O. material right now, no one is calling Frank.  The Travel channel, even Nat Geo.  Nope, not interested.  Makes me wonder.  Another possibility, these were reptilian creatures, you almost never hear about them.  Instead, it seems, the only extraterrestrial beings they ever focus on are the Greys.  It's okay to let people think they're being abducted, or experimented on.  Perhaps those in charge don't want us to know that we the people have an ally, a group of beings who may have been around since the beginning assisting us.  A federation of beings from other planets who mostly do not interfere but have kept us from destroying ourselves.  While Frank won't admit it as fact, because it's not, talking to his friend Phil Delong last week helped in my understanding of who these beings are and why they're here.


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