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September 12th, 2018


Yesterday I was going to post a show about 9/11, I listened back to it and felt it was rooted too much in conspiracy.  Last night my wife and I watched a couple specials that reconstructed the timeline of what happened on that day.  I'd forgotten the feeling, not so much the one of fear or sadness, but the one of love.  I had to remember what it was like at the radio station back then, I forgot the love that was pouring out from our staff and listeners, it was amazing.  We all set aside our different beliefs, because none of it mattered.  I also knew, or felt, that there was more going on than what we were told.  There are many conspiracies floating around, I am open to all of it but how can you prove any of it?  I choose not to dwell on that, others can deal with that.  I feel it's more important to remember the love of that day and if possible to help it return again.  I believe whatever we focus on we get more of, so what should we be focusing on?  Doesn't it often seem that it takes a great disaster to wake us up from our slumber?  We all get caught up in our way of thinking, often it comes from our egos and we lose sight of who we truly are.  I feel many of these events are here to remind us, at least in part, this is not to take away from the gravity of the attack. 



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