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Don Jacobs- Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

August 28th, 2018


Joy Melchezidek  from Middeltown Pennsylvania joins me as we co-host a show and interview Don Jacobs from Connecticut.  Don discusses how we each have masculine and feminine energies within our being and the goal is to keep them balanced, now more than ever because of Earth changes.  I can really relate to this, I know have feminine energy within.  I've always been sensitive and felt things, when I went to school I tried to hide that side that existed within me.  Now I feel both energies are in balance and all of my experiences growing up were giving me the opportunity to find that balance.  It may not have seemed that way at the time but now I see it for what it is.  I know a lot of men who act as if they are just masculine energies, but over time, usually as they age, I see a change in them.  Often it is brought about over a tragedy.  I see a lot of women behaving like men, not necessary in a positive way.  They are overly aggressive and appear to be looking for a fight.  I do see a lot of younger men that seem to be in touch with both energies.  From my perspective this has to come forward, we need to be balanced if we are going to ascend along with Gaia. 

I like that people like Don Jacobs are trained to help others find balance, whether on their own or in relationships.  Don has solid advice on  how we can understand each other and how we can all help each other find balance.  So much of what he said rang true in my soul.




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