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October 18th, 2017

Brenda Meadows joins me this week to talk about a few different things and answer a caller's questions.  Angela talks about her gifted daughter and the challenges she faces and whether or not she should move to another place that would suit the family better.  I like that Brenda didn't tell Angela what to do because in the end it really is an individual choice and we must allow others to come to that. 


Brenda is a gifted psychic/medium who I've worked with in the past.  She also has her on take on what is going on with global warming.  Something you won't hear is the reading she did for me after the show.  I didn't ask her but she just started telling me about my grandmother, a woman I barely knew.  Brenda nailed her, she was spot on.  Then she told me about an elderly high energy being, it was my second mom Susan who passed away about a year ago and was on my mind recently.  So nice to get that message from Susan and it totally makes sense that she showed up since I'd been thinking about her.  Finally, Brenda said she was being shown 3 crystals that represented 3 obstacles that I overcame in my life.  I agreed with 2 of them and had to think about the third one, after contemplating I realized she was exactly right on her assessment.  Brenda also did a brief reading for a co worker and nailed that as well. 


I remember when Brenda started doing readings and was a little concerned about trusting the information she was given.  I think all psychic/mediums go through that.  Now I see how she is confident in what she says and her accuracy is pretty amazing.  Thank you Brenda for being my guest.










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