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August 30th, 2016

Ten years ago I wouldn't have paid attention to number sequences, or animals, or many things.  Now I see of world of constant signs.  A few weeks ago I wrote a check for 29.29 and I didn't think much of it.  A few days later my wife pointed out that our odometer read 137,137.  Now what are the odds of those numbers coming up, and they booth total 22, and if you add them together you get 4.  But I knew this was more about 22, or 2, or 222, which I've been seeing on the clock recently.  So what's it mean?  A couple of weeks ago I had an incident that shocked me a bit and I feel it was related to 222, or the number 2.  On this show I talk about that and other number sequences and where you can go to find out the meaning of those numbers.  Now each number has many meanings but I believe I found what the message was and it's pretty cool to know that someone somewhere was sending me a message.


Have you seen sequenced numbers?  Do you know what the universe was trying to tell you?  Feel free to comment or contact me if you'd had those experiences.



August 19th, 2016

I grew up watching Star Trek, was that show trying to tell us something?  A federation of planets helping others.  A prime directive that didn't allow them to interfere with other life forms until they were ready to be approached.  The show I'm running this week is a rebroadcast of an interview I did with alien abductee Jim Maroney.  There have been some positive and many negative reports from those who claim to have been abducted.  Jim's experience is unlike most because it turned out to be a very positive one.  He was frightened at first but in the end he said these beings felt like family.  He felt they were here to help us and they were part of a group of beings in the universe that were helping on our behalf.


This interview was done a few years ago, the abduction Jim speaks of took place in 1987 in Canada at a truck stop.  What I've learned since this interview is that there are (at least in my understanding) many groups working with us at this great time in our evolution, including spirit, angelic, devic, multidimensional, and extraterrestrial.  While things appear to be getting stranger in our world, there also appears to be greater awareness coming in at an incredible pace.  Many are afraid of what may happen and much of what I've heard is that the watchers will not let us destroy ourselves, or completely wipe out the population.  Even if this is not true, isn't it better to focus on the positive?  When we start fearing what may happen, aren't we just adding to what already exists?  Jim has an amazing story, soon I will contact him for an update. 


August 14th, 2016

Many are feeling anxiety over the upcoming presidental election.  Fear, anger, many emotions.  Many feel helpless over the process, like neither candidate will serve the majority.  We can't always control the outcome, or the choices of candidates, but we can control our response and how we react.  Do you wish to give up your power by letting this control your emotions?  Is this teaching all of us to become more balanced?  What is the one thing all of us can do to make a difference? 


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