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July 12th, 2016


Clifford Michaels was a successful Wall Street investor when he got ill with cancer.  Like many who've had illness, it was a wake up call for Cliff.  He went from being a man who was afraid of death to learning how to communicate with the Other Side and find answers that allowed him to find peace in the midst of his personal storm.  What I like about this book is that it reminds us that our work place should also be a spiritual place as well, none of what happens in life is by accident.  We don't stop being spiritual beings just because we went to work.  What Cliff is also telling us is that when we learn to harness "Heaven" we can create a much better world for ourselves.  We are capable of communicating with God, the Angels, whomever is out there supporting us.  We are never alone and nothing happens to us that was not intended to push us forward to do something more.  Does it?  Think about the tragedies in your life, did you not have great growth from them?


I give Cliff credit for having the courage to speak his truth and for sharing a book that I think can help many.  I've read this book and I strongly recommend it, similar to other self  help/spiritual books.  Perhaps what separates Cliff is the detail he gives you and the steps you can follow, like he did, to change your life. 




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