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December 11th, 2015

lifebetweenlife.pngPeople will say to me, "I sure hope that I make to a good place when I die."  Why wouldn't you?  "Well my beliefs say this or they say that and therefore I may not be worthy enough to make it. If only there was some way to research it."  People have, nobody talks about it, ever wonder why? 


One book I read years ago was written by Dr. Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher called Life Between Life.  Many hypnotherapists believe that in order to work out issues we have now, we need to go back to an early time in our childhood and remember an incident that we're keeping inside.  In the 1980's Dr. Whitton did that and accidently regressed one of his patients back a little too far and guess what happened?  The patient started describing what was going on before they came here.  I believe Dr. Whitton did this with 100 patients before he wrote his book, all of the patients agreed to be a part of the experiment.  So what did they find?  A lot of similarities. 


People are willing to trust near death experiences as possibly being true.  Many will go to someone to find out their past lives.  Why not go to someone who can tell you what happened in between.  Wouldn't that be pretty solid evidence of what goes on after we die and before we come back?  There seems to be evidence that when people have a near death experience they will be guided by religious figures, depending on their affiliation.  How can that be?  Maybe we see what we believe, at least at first.  Atheists who've have N.D.E.'s don't see a religious figure but they all have contact with someone they would consider a supreme being.  Now if you take those millions of encounters and add what you're about to hear about life between life, maybe it becomes a little more clear and the best thing to come out of it is that you have no fear and you don't  worry about your loved ones.  Can we move forward with our lives now?




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